Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

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Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Simple question, how often do you share your tea (brewed)? Please share, your tea and your response.

100% of the time
No votes
Total votes: 30

Apr 28th, '11, 11:48
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by Coppery Cup » Apr 28th, '11, 11:48

Wow, I thought I was the only one who drank tea alone. My wife won't touch it. I voted 10% just to mean "greater than zero". My wife's parents may have a cup if they are in town for the day. When I visit my parents, I can usually get them to try a bit of my tea. Sadly, a Christmas gift of assorted loose teas I gave them goes mostly unused nearly 18 months later. They are generally coffee drinkers. They will drink tea, however, they are very sadly addicted to pouring cold water over a tea bag and microwaving the cup :(

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Apr 28th, '11, 12:15
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by karmaplace » Apr 28th, '11, 12:15

Elovitz wrote:90% of the time. When the boyfriend is around I always offer/he'll ask for some. Half the time he'll complain about the "bitterness" since he prefers milk and sugar, but knows better than to taint my tea with those. :twisted:
Sorry, I just found this hilarious, because I have the opposite problem with my boyfriend! He was already using looseleaf and a porcelain teapot, but he likes his tea really, really over-brewed, as in, he'll boil the water (boiled, no matter the leaves), put in the leaves, and leave it steeping all day; he'll come back for a cup hours later and drink it happily. I can't take the bitterness. He's definitely learned that when we drink tea together, we're drinking it my-style. :lol:

There's an additional reason why I always brew the tea; there was an incident where he dumped out my leaves before I was finished with them while he was cleaning up the kitchen. I was so shocked and grumpy about it that he's been too scared to touch any of the tea-things in my apartment since! I'm really protective over my teas, so I guess it was a bit of a traumatic experience for him. :roll:

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Apr 28th, '11, 12:50
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by Nenugal » Apr 28th, '11, 12:50

I guess around 10-20 % of the time. Sometimes with my wife at home, but most of the time she will pick another tea than me, and sometimes with friends and coworkers in the office, but most of my tea is drunk alone. However, tea shared is really nice and I wish my percentage was higher, although sometimes when drinking tea with good friends we forget to enjoy the taste of the tea because we are too busy talking :lol:

Today I'm drinking the rest of the 2010 YM LE, and waiting excitedly for various 2011 shincha to be ready.

Apr 28th, '11, 14:51
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by brlarson » Apr 28th, '11, 14:51

I voted 30%, but that's because I drink tea while I work and I work alone out of my house.

However, I share my teas 80% of the time when I am around others. Most people other than my wife know that I always have good tea and they want to taste it.

Started the day with DHP from Seven Cups. Currently drinking a lovely cup of sencha maruyama from Maiko.

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Apr 28th, '11, 14:56
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by Chip » Apr 28th, '11, 14:56

tortoise wrote:
Chip wrote: This is interesting given the Creole/Cajun locals, a lot of blending of cultures. I would have thought they would say "tea, why not." :mrgreen:
Creole/Cajun land is a bit further South from me, but that's all homogenized now into one "good ol'boy" culture. And no, my tea drinking habits would be highly suspect. Probably makes me a communist. A sympathizer at the very least. (I'm generalizing for humor)
...well I always felt you were a sympathizer ... :lol:

I am guestimating that I share tea around 1 out of 3, mostly with the Mrs. (and occasional family, friend). It is really nice to share special tea moments, though I have to remind her to shut out the busy/noisy world and focus on enjoying the quieter tea moments together. :mrgreen:

And began the TD with Yame sencha from Xell shared with the Mrs.
Hopeofda... wrote:Started out the day with two bowls of O-cha Uji organic matcha before running off for the bus :)
And Matcha Uji Organic from the O-C is next. :mrgreen:

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Apr 28th, '11, 16:15
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by iannon » Apr 28th, '11, 16:15

artmom wrote:10% -- Granddaughters only ones to drink tea with me. Now, Samantha is in Japan. Fourteen year old Alex doesn't come over as much now as when she was younger, but she does have tea w/me when she comes. Usually Mariage Freres Marco Polo, or Black Currant Tea. She likes it strong w/milk and a ton of sugar! :lol:

I'd love to share it with others; however, around here "tea" is iced tea -- sweet. :roll:
I am in the same Boat as Artmom..seeing as we are practically in the same town/ one wants my Sencha or Pu..since they arent 2 parts sugar to 3 parts water/tea. Very occasionally my little girl will have some of my Oolongs tho..She usually drinks a decaf green from Adagio

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Apr 28th, '11, 20:48
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by Crafty_Mom » Apr 28th, '11, 20:48

I don't get to share tea very often, unfortunately. With everyone around me living significantly more busy lifestyles than mine, and others just not being interested in tea, I don't get to share very often. However, I do have a friend who is into tea AND coffee and she's always happy to drop by my place when she's in town and try some new tea. Sometimes I even send her back with samples. :D Sadly, she only comes to town maybe once every few months. One of the last times I offered a different friend over for tea, she made a face and said tea is for British people. :cry:

If I had more people around me who were into it, I'd love, love, love to share.

Apr 28th, '11, 22:23
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 4/28/11 Shared TeaDay?

by Skippyandjif » Apr 28th, '11, 22:23

I'll say 50% of the time, just going on averages. My best friend is in Japan right now, but when she's in the US, we always share tea.

Yunnan black tea this afternoon, currently brewing a chamomile tisane.