Monday 5/16/11 Written inventory of your TEA?

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Do you maintain some form of written inventory of your TEA?

Yes I do
No I do not
Way too crazy for me
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May 17th, '11, 00:51
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Re: Monday 5/16/11 Written inventory of your TEA?

by debunix » May 17th, '11, 00:51

I use steepster as my inventory control, and try to keep it up to date when I get in new orders, or use up a tea. It's not as handy as a spreadsheet--can't really sort and view the teas in any desired order--but it's reasonably easy and quick.

I like the idea of keeping an inventory of teaware--I don't keep the boxes or receipts--too much to keep track of. I guess my flickr tea photo set serves as a 'virtual' inventory of some kind.

And today only one tea--a thermos of a Mu Zha Tie Guan Yin from Dragon Tea House. Quite a nice toasty TGY.

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May 17th, '11, 00:57
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Re: Monday 5/16/11 Written inventory of your TEA?

by entropyembrace » May 17th, '11, 00:57

too crazy for me, I´m not running a tea shop :shock:

I just keep everything in my head...usually that works out fine :)

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May 17th, '11, 01:37
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Re: Monday 5/16/11 Written inventory of your TEA?

by Chip » May 17th, '11, 01:37

Busy day today ... working on several SO's and OTTI's. :mrgreen: So, first TD post for Monday, a day late.

I have kept various inventories over the years, but it has never been a long term commitment ... per se. Most often over the last 5 or so years, it has been a partial inventory that was more doable ... and it has been Japanese greens.

Great TD began with Kurogi again from Umami-Chaya with the Mrs. Next up, some sencha dribs and drabs ... and lastly, opened a bag of 2010 Yutaka Midori LE from O-Cha ... still very good.