Thursday TeaDay 5/26/11 Repeating Teaware?

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Speaking of repeating, as you go from tea to tea, do you tend to use the same pot and cup(s)? Or do you seek variety in your teawares as you go from tea to tea? Please share.

Yes, same pot and cup usually
Same pot, different cup
Same cup, different pot
Different pot and cup
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May 26th, '11, 22:31
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 5/26/11 Repeating Teaware?

by debunix » May 26th, '11, 22:31

At home, where I have more selection, I generally go for some variety in the pot or gaiwan as well as the cup, although I have a few well-established pairings (morning sencha in the leaf kyusu, usually with one of two 'rock'-like yunomis).

At work, I have a more limited selection, but with yunomis and hagis that are as nice to use as the ones I have now, it's no hardship to drink from the same cup most or all of the time.

Today, there was no morning sencha, but silver dragon white tea was enjoyed brewed in a kyusu, and afternoon puerh was brewed in the kamjove and is still going strong several hours and a liter or so later.

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May 26th, '11, 23:58
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 5/26/11 Repeating Teaware?

by Chip » May 26th, '11, 23:58

Great TD beginning with Yutaka midori LE with Mrs. C brewed up in Mr. Goodwill Kyusu from a TCer served in a Mrs. Woozl "hagi" wan.

Next, another sencha brewed up in another kyusu and other cup. Kikumaru Kyusu and Tempest Hagi cup.

May 27th, '11, 00:07
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Re: Thursday TeaDay 5/26/11 Repeating Teaware?

by Skippyandjif » May 27th, '11, 00:07

I only have one pot, but I have quite a collection of tea cups that I love to use-- and it's even larger now that I'm home for the summer and have access to all of them! :D

Some lovely Yunnan black tea upon waking up this afternoon (I was literally up until sunrise talking to one of my best friends; she's in Japan currently so there's a 13-hour time difference :shock: ). Currently heating water for some rose sencha.