Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

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Thinking of Chesslover's user name made me wonder, what kind of "games" do you like? Please share, and pardon me if I missed your faves. Up to 15 votes for this fun topic.

Board games
Strategy games
Computer and related games
Reality games
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Virtual reality games
Board games
Physical games
Outdoor games
Team games
Mentally challenging games
Physically challenging games
Classic games
Contemporary games
High tech games
Other, please share!
Total votes: 84

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May 30th, '11, 11:22
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by Xell » May 30th, '11, 11:22

I was really big fan of computer games. rpg, strategy, some shooters etc, then when mmo started to appear and i got better internet connection i switched to them. Especially Dark Age of Camelot. Best idea ever, nothing can compare to it even today and i kind of miss playing it :) But now there is more important/fun stuff to do, than playing pc games.

But i do play Go time to time, mostly on real board, i find it a lot more interesting than chess :)

Sobacha in my cup :)

May 30th, '11, 13:47
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by rosmarinaus » May 30th, '11, 13:47

Computer games, especially RPGs. I finished Dragon Age II not too long ago and I'm now replaying Arcanum (now THAT's an old one). Plus the Civilization series, as well as many others.

I love number puzzles, particularly Sudoku and Kakuro. Kakuro is now my favorite.

Back from a run, but started my day with some Nahorhabi Estate Assam. I like to drink oolongs in the afternoon, and I've got a few to choose from in my cabinet.

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May 30th, '11, 18:35
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by debunix » May 30th, '11, 18:35

It was a quiet teaDay, with some silver needles to start, then some Alishan oolong in the middle, and most recently some Rou Gui. And then, while my back was turned, someone decide on a role-playing game as 'Tea Inspector':


Fortunately, no teas or teawares (or tea inspectors) were harmed during the events depicted here.

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May 30th, '11, 21:12
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by Drax » May 30th, '11, 21:12

I do enjoy most of the types of games listed, though I admit I tend to prefer solitary games more. I had a "productive" weekend, as I finally beat Dragon Age II, and I also started and beat the single-player Portal 2 (hysterical), both I saw got mentions earlier in this thread.

I enjoyed some dong ding this evening as I got stuff ready for the work week. It sure was nice to have a long weekend...! Happy Memorial Day!

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May 31st, '11, 00:29
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by Chip » May 31st, '11, 00:29

Thanks for adding ... color to our TD debunix. :lol:

Great TD, though not enough! Yutaka Midori LE with the Mrs. to start the day. Followed up with a blend of sencha leftovers.

No games today. :cry:

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May 31st, '11, 01:34
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Re: Sunday-Monday TeaDay 5/29-30/11 Chess anyone?

by FlyedPiper » May 31st, '11, 01:34

I tried my hand at go. I got sick of losing, lol. I play cards and chess on occasion, but I'm bad at both.

I am a disc golf enthusiast though. Not going to get out and play tomorrow though... heat wave came through. 90+ degree temps are too hot for me! I play pool in the winter quite a bit, and on and off in the summer.

Had some unnamed young sheng this morning (gifted to me), and sipping on some iced maojian green now.