Tuesday TeaDay 6/7/11 RepeaTea?

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Speaking of repeating. Is there one specific tea that you repeat as in repurchase most often. If yes, details please.

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Jun 8th, '11, 15:37
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 6/7/11 RepeaTea?

by JRS22 » Jun 8th, '11, 15:37

I'd say Tai Ping Hou Kui is the specific tea that I've taken to reordering regularly. The first 2011 batch I received from Jing Tea Shop this year was excellent.

Today I repeated tea in a different way. I don't usually have the same tea twice in one day, but I discovered an unopened bag of O-Cha Asa-giri in my cabinet. Now I'm testing different ways of brewing it. I made some this morning in my shiboridashi, since the O-Cha website recommends treating it like gyokuro. Then this afternoon I brewed it in my small kyusu, at the same temperature, and it was even better. Next up, since during a heat emergency something brewed at 150 degrees is better than a tea brewed with boiling water (e.g. puerh), I'm going to load up the kyusu with more tea and ramp up the intensity.

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Jun 8th, '11, 18:46
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Re: Tuesday TeaDay 6/7/11 RepeaTea?

by jaderabbit » Jun 8th, '11, 18:46

I used to be in love with DongDing oolong for a really long time. But I think that love is waning. Personally, I don't like to hoard too much tea all at once although I like to have a variety of options at hand. Still trying to figure out how much is enough. :p In the future, I definitely plan to revisit longjing and yinzhen. :mrgreen: