Friday/Saturday TeaDay 7/8-9/11 Wicked TeaDay!

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Something wicked this way comes?

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Jul 9th, '11, 02:35
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Re: Friday/Saturday TeaDay 7/8-9/11 FreeDay!

by Chip » Jul 9th, '11, 02:35

Yesterday's wicked topic is being carried over to Saturday!

Please share what is in your cup, discuss the topic, or open a new discussion.

We are looking forward to sharing a wicked TeaDay with ... everyone. Bottoms up!

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Jul 9th, '11, 09:46
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Re: Friday/Saturday TeaDay 7/8-9/11 Wicked TeaDay!

by Xell » Jul 9th, '11, 09:46

Today was a break from cold teas, could not resist much longer :) Had 2 bowls of matcha and morning Ureshino tamaryokucha. Now drinking hot houjicha, after all, i like it a bit better hot, than cold. Also thinking of getting some gyokuro again, somehow started to miss it, hehe.

Great teaday yet again :mrgreen:

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Jul 9th, '11, 13:26
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Re: Friday/Saturday TeaDay 7/8-9/11 Wicked TeaDay!

by tortoise » Jul 9th, '11, 13:26

My wife reminds me of a gift she sweetly bought me once that we both didn't like. This stuff is the absolute pits, I don't care what any of these reviewers say. Citron Oolong:

I can't for my life understand what someone would like in this tart, acidic, flower bath.

Drinking houjicha from Maiko. Has a slightly fruity/malty flavor that reminds me of a red tea kinda sorta.

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Jul 9th, '11, 23:26
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Re: Friday/Saturday TeaDay 7/8-9/11 Wicked TeaDay!

by debunix » Jul 9th, '11, 23:26

Today, teas have not been wicked at all. Started the day with some Anxi TGY from Norbu, then moved on to a series of cold-brewed teas, mostly the Da Yu Ling from Dragon Tea House, but also some not-so-nice cold brewed sencha (too much leaf, had to dilute that one a bit) and a Mao Feng that was brewed long enough (forgotten in the fridge for about 72 hours) to get a little bitter. Oops!

Now pondering some hot tea as the evening cools. I'm feeling a need for puerh.....