Monday TeaDay 8/22/11 FocusFactor?

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Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. FocusFactor, do you FOCUS on a single general type of tea. Please share details.

Definitely focused on 1 general type of tea
Definitely focused on more than 1 general type of tea
Definitely focused on any and all general types of tea
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Definitely focused more acutely on a subgroup of a general type of tea
Definitely focused on multiple subgroups in 1 or more general types of tea
Total votes: 16

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Aug 23rd, '11, 17:25
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Re: Monday TeaDay 8/22/11 FocusFactor?

by teaisme » Aug 23rd, '11, 17:25

I focus on what I have, dont really know what determines a purchase or what gets sent my way, more just what I feel like drinking at the moment.

lately I have been drinking a lot of hmt and taiwanese blacks before they lose anything I would not want them to lose
Also been having more slightly aged sheng, dancongs, and wuyis. Had my first zheng yen wuyi yesterday. Wow very nice, mind was cleared and body was heating pretty strong. Also love how it never got overly bitter like the other two wuyi I had had before in the past.

Some older dancong at work today, very good, a little leaf goes a long way with this one. Very much enjoy the huge thick leaves. Pleasure to hold up to the light and look at the veins. Same goes with the wuyi.

Hope you all had a good teaday!