Mon/Tues 9/5-6/11 TeaWare Tutor?

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Is there a type of TeaWare that you would like personalized, specialized, even in-house tutoring on its purchase and/or use brewing and/or serving/drinking? Please share details.

Yes, several
Yes, at least one
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Not really
Definitely not
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Sep 6th 11 7:27 pm
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Re: Monday Labor Day 2011 TeaWare Tutor?

by JBaymore » Sep 6th 11 7:27 pm

debunix wrote:I would love to go to a class on teawares in general that would discuss the history of the clays, glazes, kilns, pottery traditions, and that would bring together experts in everything from the oldest pottery shards to modern masterpieces from all over the world.
That would make a WONDERFUL symposium. Nice thought.

Chip........ in case you have nothing else to do :wink: , any interest in TeaChat/Adagio sponsoring an "in-person" event like this? There are a number of folks on here that could be presenters in such a venue, or who have connections to people could could be.

I will say that coincidentally one of my galleries just contacted me yesterday and asked about me helping organize a "tea" weekend gathering there that will be sort of along these lines..... but will likely focus mainly in the Japanese realm. It will be here in NH and will be about year out.



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Sep 6th 11 7:30 pm
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Re: Mon/Tues 9/5-6/11 TeaWare Tutor?

by JBaymore » Sep 6th 11 7:30 pm

Drax wrote:... I think I'd rather read about chanoyu than actually perform it... :D
Sitting seiza for a long time is killer, isn't it? :wink:



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Sep 6th 11 7:39 pm
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Re: Mon/Tues 9/5-6/11 TeaWare Tutor?

by Chip » Sep 6th 11 7:39 pm

FlyedPiper wrote:I think with the advent of the internet and forums like this it's not really necessary to make a good cup or bowl of tea.

Of course if you want to use the Japanese tea ceremony (and to a lesser extent the Chinese tea ceremony) to it's fullest you will need a skilled instructor.
Well, yes and no. Much of the mystery of tea and teaware can now easily be figured out with the help of the internet and a forum like TeaChat. But there are teaware items that still require some added assistance for many of us.

A fairly common denominator is Yixing pottery, specifically the teapots. My mind just refuses to grasp the info (especially regarding the purchase of) I read since there is so much ... uncertainty ... and even smoke and mirrors going on.

I like definites, black and white, and I find it difficult to nail down the definites in this realm, especially when even the "experts" I trust cannot agree.

And while I am at it, theie use!

Otherwise I am relatively comfortable enough with other teawares to buy and use ... for the most part. Though I feel I have a lifetime of Tea knowledge and wisdom to acquire. :mrgreen:

Began the TD with some dribs of drabs of sencha with the Mrs. ... waiting for new sencha.