Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

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Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic. Is there a time of the year that you taste more new teas ... or are more apt to ... ? Please share details with us.

Yes, absolutely
Yeah, sort of ...
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Not really
No, definitely not
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Total votes: 24

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Sep 30th, '11, 18:54
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Re: Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

by Chip » Sep 30th, '11, 18:54

Got a new cell phone today ... it is called "Infuse." :lol:

Had some great tea as well. Prelim tasting of Takumi from Zencha from OTTI 11 with the Mrs. Next up, prelim tasting of Den's Guricha, also an OTTI prelim tasting.

I guess I could also say I get a LOT of tea in for each OTTI as well. But alas, it is generally "here today, gone tomorrow." The TeaFridge is just about completely filled up. This will be changing shortly. But there are a bunch of OTTI rounds coming up very shortly as well.


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Oct 1st, '11, 01:11
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Re: Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

by FlyedPiper » Oct 1st, '11, 01:11

I took the poll to mean different types of teas altogether, so I voted accordingly. I'm still exploring different teas. I have yet to order the same one twice, but I've found a couple of senchas I will reorder for sure.

The plan is to get into oolongs and sheng puerhs in the late winter until shincha season starts again. I will also be getting into gyokuro this fall, which I'm very excited for :mrgreen: .

Chiran sencha today.

Oct 2nd, '11, 13:47
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Re: Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

by CasualConnoisseur » Oct 2nd, '11, 13:47

I often try new teas at the end of spring and early fall. I have more time to devote to tea then, which means more time for exploring!

Oct 3rd, '11, 00:30
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Re: Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

by Missdekitty » Oct 3rd, '11, 00:30

My purchases that include new teas to experiment with have been during the winter: holidays/birthday and spring (my tax refund) :) Mainly when there's a little extra cash to splurge with.

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Oct 4th, '11, 17:56
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Re: Thurs/Fri TeaDay 9/29-30/11 Taste new teas?

by tropicanahana » Oct 4th, '11, 17:56

No, I taste tea new teas whenever I go to a real specialty tea shops. It's not often and there is no specific time. I would really like to try yunnan tea, I've never had it but I don't know when the next time I'll be at a tea shop is! (I have to go to Georgia or NY :/)