New TeaDay Saturday 5/19/12 TeaSecret?

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Teaisme asks, "Have you ever not raved about a tea item in fear that others would buy it all up? I get the feeling there are a lot of 'tea secrets' around here. What was the tea?"

Yes, all the time
Yes, more than once
Yes, at least once
No, I do not believe so
No, definitely not
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May 29th 12 8:01 pm
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Re: New TeaDay Saturday 5/19/12 TeaSecret?

by SilentChaos » May 29th 12 8:01 pm

equiraptor wrote:
SlientSipper wrote:I want good business's to thrive.
This. If it's a situation where I'm concerned about supply, I'll buy what is reasonable for my own needs/uses and then share.
Same, but I usually come across concerns of supply in the sense of accessibility. Great teas - great for sharing IMO....except...*checks my gyo hiding spot is safe. :mrgreen:

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Jun 11th 12 3:16 am
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Re: New TeaDay Saturday 5/19/12 TeaSecret?

by Chip » Jun 11th 12 3:16 am

I am way behind on TeaDay posting (and topics) due to preparing and attending the World TeaExpo in Vegas. While I was there I was scouring the expo for opportunities for OTTI tastings and new teas to share with my TeaFriends of TeaChat.

And as I am always shopping for tea in general, I am also thinking of sharing teas.

This being a metaphor for my philosophy in general when it comes to tea, I am all for sharing new and great teas! And sharing new vendors.