New TeaDay 7/26/12 How long to choose?

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How long does it take for you to choose your next tea to drink on average?

A few seconds
At least a minute
Up to a few minutes
Up to 10 minutes or longer (than there've been fishes in the ocean)
Total votes: 26

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Jul 30th 12 5:46 am
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Re: New TeaDay 7/26/12 How long to choose?

by Xell » Jul 30th 12 5:46 am

I'll add, that sometimes it doesn't even take any time, since was decided a while ago, what i want to drink next. For first tea this day i decided on trying a sample of bilouchun, my first attempt at chinese green tea actually. Subtle flavor, smooth. Was nice experience, though don't think i'll drink more of this kind anytime soon. Value of this tea for me is far from good.

Jul 30th 12 2:08 pm
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Re: New TeaDay 7/26/12 How long to choose?

by Proinsias » Jul 30th 12 2:08 pm

If time spent drinking current tea and thinking about my other teas counts, then it takes me a long time.

I've just finishing off a little 20g pack of long jing so aside from teas which I'm quite happy to have lying around getting old I have no teas open! Another pack of long jing will be opened soon but I've got a few hours to decide which one :)

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Jul 30th 12 11:25 pm
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Re: New TeaDay 7/26/12 How long to choose?

by Lerxst2112 » Jul 30th 12 11:25 pm

debunix wrote: Yesterday started with some Tsou Ma Fei Alishan Oolong from Norbu
That tea was good! Had it at Bryan's house one day, went online the next day to order some, and it was sold out. :(

As for picking which tea to drink, it kind of cascades like a flow diagram. LOL
First question is usually am I just drinking, or doing a review? The next hinges on whether I work the next day or not. If I am reviewing, I'll take into (slight) consideration what reviews had been done recently. All oolongs? Might switch it up with a pu-erh. Etc. Etc.

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Aug 1st 12 2:43 pm
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Re: New TeaDay 7/26/12 How long to choose?

by Amaikokonut » Aug 1st 12 2:43 pm

Usually I decide pretty quickly what sort of tea I want, whether it's a Japanese green or a darker oolong or what have you. That's usually easily decided by what mood I'm in, or what I'm currently or about to eat, but until I pare down my tea collection, it often takes me a few minutes to decide what specific tea within that category I want.

Funny, I'm trying to decide what my morning tea will be right now, actually.