NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

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Will you be drinking tea today?

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Aug 23rd, '12, 01:08
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NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by Chip » Aug 23rd, '12, 01:08

Welcome to a New TeaDay! Hope to see everyone posting throughout the forum today! And sharing their 'Teas' with us.

Basically a free TeaDay today, however there is a very simple poll question. Will you be drinking tea today?

I am looking forward to discussion on today's topic. I feel this could bring some interesting ...

So, here goes ... "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

Bottoms up and have a Great TeaDay!

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Aug 23rd, '12, 07:59
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Re: NewTeaDayy 8/23 Without fail ...?

by sriracha » Aug 23rd, '12, 07:59

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

1. Play the lottery.

2. Hand in my resignation.

3. Start playing Gitaroo Man again from the beginning... :lol:

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Aug 23rd, '12, 09:31
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Re: NewTeaDayy 8/23 Without fail ...?

by SilentChaos » Aug 23rd, '12, 09:31

Drink tea and enjoy :mrgreen:

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Aug 23rd, '12, 12:50
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Re: NewTeaDayy 8/23 Without fail ...?

by FlyedPiper » Aug 23rd, '12, 12:50

Hey... hey haeay...

Drink tea every day. :mrgreen:

Balyhoucha and bai hao remnants to start the day today... and perhaps some matcha before work.

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Aug 23rd, '12, 15:05
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Re: NewTeaDayy 8/23 Without fail ...?

by debunix » Aug 23rd, '12, 15:05

Drinking tea without fail, starting the teaDay with some fantastically sweet and mellow "A" OTTI sample....ah yes, the O-Cha Aoi shincha, a wonderful green tea I'd already fallen in love with last year.

If I knew I could not fail? Wondering how far I could push that. Do I get just one day, or one task, or a lifelong guarantee of success? The picks would vary based on how far I could expect the good results to stretch. World peace, cure cancer, cure one patient....?

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Aug 24th, '12, 15:48
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by teaisme » Aug 24th, '12, 15:48

Of course tea for today :mrgreen:

ai world peace would be nice, or maybe a global realization that we are all interconnected to each other and our surroundings

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Aug 24th, '12, 15:57
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by tinols » Aug 24th, '12, 15:57

I'm drinking tea right now

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Aug 24th, '12, 20:06
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by Lerxst2112 » Aug 24th, '12, 20:06

Chip wrote:So, here goes ... "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"
What a heavy-handed question, Chip! It's taken me almost half an hour to write this, finally, because that's how long it's taken to sit and think about it. And, like someone had already posted, would it not fail for a little time, or for forever? If it would work forever, I would try to get a photography business off the ground!

Right now finances and time don't allow me to start doing professional photography, but it's something I've always wanted to do.

Okay, that was my serious answer. Here's my hypothetical one. Were gambling not against my religion, I would play one of the smaller lotteries. (hang on, now, before y'all accuse me of being greedy) I would pay off my parents house, and make sure that they were well taken care of and comfortable in their old age. I would do a one time scholarship for ten underprivileged students in that their first two years of college would be completely paid for, including supplies and room and board. That would pretty much exhaust those winnings. If there's $20,000 left over, I'll replace my poor car. :lol:

Oh yeah. Tea. Brewed hongcha at work. Will probably crack open one of my tons of samplers of pu-erhs over the weekend. Possibly review 'em.

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Aug 25th, '12, 15:20
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by MIKE_B » Aug 25th, '12, 15:20

I drink tea every day.
And If I could do anything without possibility of failure...
...I'd build that time machine I've always wanted.

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Aug 26th, '12, 13:33
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by AdamMY » Aug 26th, '12, 13:33

Balhyocha in a sunbeam by Adam Yusko, on Flickr

Shucks I am drinking tea again! :mrgreen: This in a completely Seong Il setup (though the lid rest might have been made by his wife or some other artist close to his studio, I didn't quite understand what he said). Brewing up Korean Balhyocha.

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Aug 26th, '12, 15:22
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by debunix » Aug 26th, '12, 15:22

Nice teaDay, sunbeam, teawares, and I'm sure it was a lovely tea too--my vast experience with Balhyocha, all of 2 different varieties, has been excellent so far!

I haven't drunk any tea yet today, must remedy that. I feel a minor tea tasting coming on.

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Aug 26th, '12, 17:48
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Re: NewTeaDay 8/23 Without fail ...?

by JBaymore » Aug 26th, '12, 17:48

I'd go to all the leaders of every country there is in the world, one by one, and get them all to agree to write into their countries constitutions (or whatever documents they use for a guiding force) that they will never again use force of arms against anyone else in their own country or in another country for any reason whatsoever. :)

Then I'd rest.



"Then I woke up." :roll:

PS: Lots of tea already today.