Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

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SO, how much do you estimate you will spend TEA in 2013 (Tea only, no accessories)? Do the math!!!

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Apr 11th, '13, 00:37
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by debunix » Apr 11th, '13, 00:37

I do not expect to order any puerh this year, but there will be some oolongs, greens including senchas, probably more than $300 and less than $500.

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Apr 11th, '13, 02:03
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by Tobias » Apr 11th, '13, 02:03

I didn't think I ordered that much tea this year but after checking my email for invoices I noticed that I already spent $1000.

An estimate for the whole year would probably be $5000-$8000 (yikes!).

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Apr 11th, '13, 16:44
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by MEversbergII » Apr 11th, '13, 16:44

I'm putting myself in the $500's range. I figure I'll be ordering at least every other month or so for around 100, excluding wares.

Don't tell the S.O.! :o

Apr 12th, '13, 12:53
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by Running for Tea » Apr 12th, '13, 12:53

I responded 500-600, but realistically my range is probably 400-600. My estimate was 6g/day, but that may be high. Each brew is about 4g, and as of late I have not been brewing twice a day. So the 6g accounts for brewing tea twice a day every other day. The estimate of my cost/100g is also just a rough estimate. I estimated $25/100g, which I'm hoping finds the middle ground between bargain teas and higher end splurges.

It seems like a lot at first, but its really only 30-50 dollars/month. There are certainly more expensive habits out there!

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Apr 13th, '13, 13:56
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by yalokinh » Apr 13th, '13, 13:56

being a college student with crippling debt, not sure if I can hit even the 200 mark. I've found puer to be the cheapest option for tea, as I could spend anywhere between $0.07/ 1gr - $0.14/ 1gr, pretty cheap if I say so myself.

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Apr 13th, '13, 14:29
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by JBaymore » Apr 13th, '13, 14:29

AdamMY wrote:.............while I have while working been able to move my net worth in the right direction, it scares me to think of what it would be without some of my "luxurious habits" (yes tea and teaware are some of them).
If you select the correct quality of the teawares you purchase...... they will appreciate in value over time and hence contribute to your growing net worth. Well considered art purchases have always been an investment strategy of the wealthy. A good reason to purchase better works.



Apr 13th, '13, 19:34
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by corban123 » Apr 13th, '13, 19:34

Hnghh, I've already spent about $60 on tea in the last week. 2013 is going to be a looong year...

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Apr 14th, '13, 12:57
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Re: Thursday's TeaDay 4/4/13 Add it UP!

by Suutej_Tsaj » Apr 14th, '13, 12:57

Less of a prediction, more of a hope. I set a maximum of €250 - around 320 USD - but I already know I'm going to exceed it.