Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

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Shincha, New Harvest, is this the highlight of the TeaYear for you?

YES!!! I am sooo psyched about Shincha and/or Spring Harvest Tea
Yes, I am looking forward to the New Harvest Tea
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Shincha, what is that?
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No, I do not really care about harvest times, as long as I can get good tea
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Apr 18th, '13, 13:01
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by Chip » Apr 18th, '13, 13:01

Welcome everyone to TeaDay. Please grab a cup and share what you are drinking with us!!!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic...I have shown a lot of restraint not bringing this up sooner, you should be very impressed. SHINCHA ... and other "New Harvest teas" are approaching fast, in fact, some members have already preordered SHINCHA.

So, how important is this time of the TeaYear to you??? Please share with everyone your take on this "Fresh Topic."

I hope everyone is enjoying their TeaDay, remember to share it with us whenever you can! Bottoms Up and have a Great TeaDay!

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Apr 18th, '13, 15:27
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by sherubtse » Apr 18th, '13, 15:27

I follow the shincha season (and related first-flush harvests) with great interest. Yet I seldom order at this time of year, waiting instead for sales later on. Rather odd, wouldn't you say? :lol:

Best wishes,

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Apr 18th, '13, 16:47
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by victoria3 » Apr 18th, '13, 16:47

This is my time of year since the star of the show has arrived. I crave that fresh vegetal grassy sweetness of sincha in my cup. I've preordered a dozen already this year. Next year I'd like to make a trip to Japan and China in early May to see nature in its splendor in full bloom and to smell the tea fields and fresh sinchas.

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Apr 18th, '13, 22:18
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by debunix » Apr 18th, '13, 22:18

I always look forward to the new harvest teas, but teas where that degree of freshness makes such a difference are only a small part of what I drink, so I'd say it's a special time, but not 'the' highlight of the tea year for me.

Today is typical--due to time pressure at work, I've only had one tea so far, a deep charcoal roasted oolong. I have several teas I'd prefer to be trying, but I need more time/attention than is available to do another session with an OTTI 17 gyo or the very tempting new Hwang Cha from Morning Crane Tea.

Apr 19th, '13, 11:16
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by Running for Tea » Apr 19th, '13, 11:16

I'm pumped for Shincha!! This will only be my second shincha, but I'm planning on getting a bit more involved this year. Last year's order was around 300g. Currently, I've preordered 200g (from O-cha), I plan on ordering several more teas and I plan on participating in the Shincha OTTI :mrgreen: .

No tea yet, but Asanoka (from the current NOTTI) is in the near future!

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Apr 22nd, '13, 12:41
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by FlyedPiper » Apr 22nd, '13, 12:41

I like shincha season... but this year I'll only be getting one selection. I like shincha for something unique and different, but I think I actually prefer a little age on my Japanese greens taste wise.

Working on finishing up a bag of hongcha today. Gao Li Gong Shan "gold tips".

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Apr 29th, '13, 11:24
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by BrooklynBrew » Apr 29th, '13, 11:24

My first year doing Shincha! I think much of it came from visiting Japan and the time I spent in Kyoto appreciating Japanese tea.

I've gotten 6 different shinchas and cannot wait to try them!

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Apr 29th, '13, 13:25
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Re: SHINCHA and New Harvest Teas 4/18/2013

by JRS22 » Apr 29th, '13, 13:25

I'm looking forward to ordering a supply of 2013 Chinese greens. It's many months since I've enjoyed a cup of Tai Ping Hou Kui!

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