5/8/2013 Crave factor?

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So I am wondering, is there a particular Tea that you are currently craving? (2 votes)

Yes, and I have it
Yes, but I do not have it
Yes, but it is unavailable
Nope, not really craving any particular tea currently
BONUS, it is black
BONUS, it is oolong
BONUS, it is green
BONUS, it is pu-erh
BONUS, it is white
BONUS, other (share)
No votes
Total votes: 57

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May 8th, '13, 19:21
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5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by Chip » May 8th, '13, 19:21

Welcome to TeaDay.

So I am wondering, is there a Tea that you are currently craving? Do you have it ... or not? If not, perhaps one that is low in your TeaStock or you are out of, or one you cannot restock for some reason?

Please vote and then share some details.

Stay thirsty, my TeaFriends.

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May 9th, '13, 01:14
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by victoria3 » May 9th, '13, 01:14

haha, that's easy for me, Sincha! Although sixteen months ago I would have said Gunpowder.

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May 9th, '13, 09:59
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5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by Jspigs » May 9th, '13, 09:59

I have been craving jasmine pearls green tea for a bit now. Unfortunately I am out and have not been able to get more yet.

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May 9th, '13, 10:28
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by debunix » May 9th, '13, 10:28

Craving high mountain oolong, the very rich floral low-roasted version, and I think I still have some unopened, but I have to finish several other medium roast versions before I can open the last of it.

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May 10th, '13, 15:27
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by FlyedPiper » May 10th, '13, 15:27

Sencha is tasting great to me right now! Also, I've been craving puerh for a couple of months now. Time to do an order soon!

Having some Yutaka Midori shincha from O-Cha today.

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May 10th, '13, 21:44
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by Chip » May 10th, '13, 21:44

How's the YM?

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May 14th, '13, 15:24
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by 5am » May 14th, '13, 15:24

Some matcha. Yumm.

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May 14th, '13, 17:59
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by teaisme » May 14th, '13, 17:59

lapsang/zhengshan xiao zhong style teas and to a lesser extent keemun
brewed nice and potent on a relatively full stomach

i wonder if this craving is because its been so windy, cold, and rainy past few months. Last year tea preference was not like this at all.

Today jings lapsang and also an unknown one from friend from china.

One is more lightly oxidized then the other(unknown). Both are satisfying in their own way. The jing really blends the smoke and sweet fruit well. That is its strength to me. The unknown has that added complexity and young spring-ness to it. It tastes more active, and the aftertaste is actually there for a bit. Oddly durability is about the same as jings, just slightly more. Both offer 4 good brews with generous leaf. On a good day 6 good brews when packed very heavy (though with the jings that would take more practice and some real thorough preheating and well timed flash infusions). The other one is pretty flexible. Noticeably more aroma in the spent leaves left out to dry on a plate.

Its pretty obvious which one costs more. Pretty elaborate presentation for a red tea that is not super rare. Ultimately I enjoy these style teas because I want something dark fruity sweet, smokey, potent palate/gut cleansing, thirst quenching after periods of dehydration and sleep deprivation. Something to wake me back into this world. :mrgreen:

The unknown just didn't have enough smoke for me. A strong hint is all I want. This was just a hint. If only a little more smoke and I would be reaching for the unknown way more instead of about even.

If anyone has any recommendations on a nice tea with strong smokey hint let me know :!:

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May 14th, '13, 22:02
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Re: 5/8/2013 Crave factor?

by BioHorn » May 14th, '13, 22:02

Thanks to Chip, my gyokuro craving has been met!

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