Tues 1/29/08 Country of origin of your first tea today?

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Country of origin of your first tea today?

Poll ended at Jan 30th 08 8:41 pm

A blend of countries
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Jan 29th 08 7:49 pm
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Tues 1/29/08 Country of origin of your first tea today?

by Chip » Jan 29th 08 7:49 pm

I have started out my day with a beautiful sencha from the Yame prefecture. It is called Takumi. It is rare in that it is a sencha from Yame prefecture, but also because it is a sencha made from Gokoh leaf, the plant usually reserved for Gyokuro production for which Yame is famous. This is grown in full sun and is sencha. I believe it is a fukamushi cha. The aroma of the dry leaf in a preheated kyusu is knee buckling. The flavor is full and smooth. One of my favorite sencha!!!

4th steep now, just gentle sweetness left...very nice.
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Jan 29th 08 8:00 pm
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by Mary R » Jan 29th 08 8:00 pm

I've spent the day sampling the new order from Adagio I got last night! I tried a cup of my blend "Zen and the Art of Moderating" and declared it good. I also tried the Cherry Green, the Grapefruit Oolong, and the Almond Oolong. I'm trying to squeeze a round of Vanilla in before I have to go to work!

Hoorah TeaDay!

[Mod Chip Edit: Holy Mary, I have catching up to do!!!

I declare today officially as TeaDay!!!!!!!!!!]

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Jan 29th 08 8:05 pm
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by xine » Jan 29th 08 8:05 pm

I'm coming down with something, I'm pretty certain of it. In order to not boot, I've been craving just oolong. I've been drinking nothing but Wuyi oolong nonstop. Too lazy to change the bag most of the time, I just keep on filling up my cup with hot water. I took a small break and had some iced Ti Kuan Yin. But it's back to my 23423520493 infusion of Wuyi.

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Jan 29th 08 8:09 pm
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by Victoria » Jan 29th 08 8:09 pm

Right now I'm enjoying a nice full bodied oolong from TeaCuppa called Oriental Beauty. Also known as Bai Hao Oolong or Champagne Formosa. A nice afternnoon oolong with a slightly roasted flavor. Yum!

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Jan 29th 08 8:12 pm
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by fencerdenoctum » Jan 29th 08 8:12 pm

Its gloomy in my neck of the woods and I feel the need to be snooty so I'm sipping some Earl Grey Bravo from Adagio.

*top hat and monocle*

The Tea Sipping Swordsman

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Jan 29th 08 8:21 pm
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by Wesli » Jan 29th 08 8:21 pm

Trigonometry in 5 minutes.

I'm tossing some near boiling water in my cold kyuusu full of GURICHA for a third steep. For class, I'll be taking some powdered sencha thrown into a cold bottle of water.

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Jan 29th 08 8:28 pm
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by scruffmcgruff » Jan 29th 08 8:28 pm

*sigh* Nothing yet today. I'm planning to brew up some sencha though-- Maki fukamushi from Den's. After all that hubbub about sencha curing colds, it sure doesn't seem to be doing anything for the one I just got. :(

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Jan 29th 08 9:19 pm
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by Ladytiger » Jan 29th 08 9:19 pm

Right now, I'm drinking Russian Caravan from Upton, but this morning I had Organic Breakfast from Mighty Leaf. Both yummy.

Jan 29th 08 9:42 pm
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by procarel » Jan 29th 08 9:42 pm

We have blizzard conditions here in northern Iowa so my wife and I are holed up in the house. We strted early this morning with Golden Melon Pu-erh. Toward noon we had several infusions of Dragon Well. About 3pm we started some Golden Bud Yunnan Black and may finish with some Melon green tea. My kind of day!

Jan 29th 08 9:42 pm
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Golden buddha

by Mich » Jan 29th 08 9:42 pm

Today I have been drinking only Golden buddha im on my 4th brew of it, It starts out with the taste of cinnamon and chocolate with a hint of pie crust, on the 2nd and 3rd brew the the cinnamon starts to fade and the chocolate really shows itself.

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Jan 29th 08 9:53 pm
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by henley » Jan 29th 08 9:53 pm

Enjoyed a pot of Adagio's Valentine tea with lunch. Will see what the evening brings. :wink:

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Jan 29th 08 9:55 pm
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by Mary R » Jan 29th 08 9:55 pm

I *love* Adagio's Valentine. Which is saying something, as I usually don't drink flavored tea. (Well, ignoring today's flavored binge, anyway).

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Jan 29th 08 9:56 pm
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Jan 29th 08 9:56 pm

First cup today was a sencha overture from Adagio. It's something I can't destroy too badly while I am still half asleep. Not doing mornings too well does not go with teas that require a more precise temperature and brewing time. Currently, I sampling the Vanilla Rooibos for the first time since it seemed to fit in well after coming home from yoga.

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Jan 29th 08 10:11 pm
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by CynTEAa » Jan 29th 08 10:11 pm

Today started with my usual Yunnan Gold from Adagio. Mmmmm...hearty, yet smooth.

Then this afternoon, after thinking I had lost my lifeline - my cell phone - I needed to settle and had a lovely Bao Zhong from Teacup in Seattle in my pretty little gaiwan. Second infusion is a-brewing. ;)

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Jan 29th 08 10:15 pm
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by Salsero » Jan 29th 08 10:15 pm

Wow, what a beautiful string of mini-posts, Chip!
I wanted to start the day with one of the Assam's I have been auditioning lately, but I forgot to take it to work so I turned for consolation to an autumnal darjeeling that I got last year from Thunderbold Tea in India and did three or four infusions of that. I've just moved on to the Yutaka Midori from O-Cha which I will infuse till late when I will finish the day with a series of infusions of a sheng puerh from among the many samples I am trying to use up!

But best of all has been reading all these other comments and feeling almost like I've shared each of these delicious drinks with all these tea-buddies. If I had to pick just one other place to have spent the day, I think it would be snowbound with procarel and all those great Chinese teas.