Thurs 1/31/08 Are you drinking tea alone today?

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Are you drinking tea alone today?

Poll ended at Feb 1st, '08, 03:37

I am drinking my tea alone
I am sharing my TeaMoment with someone
Total votes: 39

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Jan 31st, '08, 03:37
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Thurs 1/31/08 Are you drinking tea alone today?

by Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 03:37

It is another day, another day to drink tea and share what is in your cup with all of us. Stop by as you enjoy a cup or at the end of the day to reflect on your TeaConquests.

I generally drink my tea alone, a solitary moment when I usually shut out the rest of the world. Hmmm, kinda is such a great moment to share. I share my TeaTimes virtually everyday with my friends here at TeaChat, but otherwise, virtually alone.

Yesterday for perhaps the first time in a long time, I shared the moment and some of my expensive Long Jing with somebody. Made me wonder, who is drinking their tea alone, or with somebody.

Today, share what is in your cup, but also feel free to share how you spend your tea moments...

Have a great TeaDay, everyone!!!
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Jan 31st, '08, 04:10
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by Space Samurai » Jan 31st, '08, 04:10

I started the day off, at about 1 am, with some Den's guricha followed with some houji kukicha.

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Jan 31st, '08, 07:56
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by Katmandu » Jan 31st, '08, 07:56

I always get to start my teaday off while sharing it with my sweetie pie for the first cup at 5:45 am. She has coffee , while I have my tea.. Once she leaves for work, though, I am one with my tea until 3 pm , then she joins in again for some great evening brews as long as she's had that after work "c" word...ugh :o She is loving the teas though as I gradually introduce her to them...I'm having a hard time getting her away from that chocolate one though :roll: ah, well, it's still tea I suppose.

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Jan 31st, '08, 09:55
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by Warden Andy » Jan 31st, '08, 09:55

I slept in rather late today, so I'm only on my first cup of the day. I'm trying guayaki yerba mate in a gourd. First infusion is surprisingly similar to the aroma of an earthy cigar (before being smoked). Second is kinda boring, and third is kinda sweet.

Since I can't answer this in yesterdays thread, I guess I'll answer it here.
Salsero wrote: Two questions immediately come to my mind.

1) How does the DTH Hou Kui stack up compared to the TeaSpring (assuming you've had it with its leaves that look like 2 to 3 inch green beans flattened by a steam roller).

2) What are the details of your procedure for drinking right from the gaiwan?
I like the DTH one more. I don't know if it's higher or lower quality than the one from Teaspring, the Teaspring one is just too young puerh-ish for my tastes.

Since I don't use a thermometer, the parameters seem to change each time. I always preheat the gaiwan, and use enough to just barely cover the bottom of the gaiwan. I usually cover the gaiwan, but occasionally leave uncovered if I accidentally went too hot, or if the tea is very sensitive. The water is usually heated to 140, but could range from 135-150 depending on the tea.

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Jan 31st, '08, 10:04
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by Toomes » Jan 31st, '08, 10:04

I finished off my stash of Fukamushi Sencha from Rishi this morning.

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Jan 31st, '08, 10:24
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by Inspired by Tea » Jan 31st, '08, 10:24

Green Dragon Oolong. Alone. Sooooo good!

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Jan 31st, '08, 10:27
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by Mary R » Jan 31st, '08, 10:27

Well, I'm actually trying to get "Inspired by Tea" this morning! In the cup is Adagio's Valentine. Why? Because I'm trying to write my Valentine's "Between the Leaves" article for TeaMuse!

(Don't worry, Xine! It's outlined and completely 'head written.' The words just need to be paged. Easy. You'll have it shortly.)

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Jan 31st, '08, 10:46
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by Wesli » Jan 31st, '08, 10:46

As I contemplate on ideas shared last night, I sip on a very welcoming warm brew of Golden Monkey.

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Jan 31st, '08, 11:39
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by Victoria » Jan 31st, '08, 11:39

Good morning everyone! At this very moment I'm enjoying my first sips of a lovely oolong from a favorite tea house in Los Angeles. I'll be locked away in an all day meeting today, so I wanted this morning's brew to be special.

I drink my tea alone too, in a quiet times I find in my day. And there is a little sadness in that yes; but the longing to share the experience is what brought me here to find you all.

Have a beautiful day!

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Jan 31st, '08, 11:51
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by osadczuk » Jan 31st, '08, 11:51

Unfortunately, as children had me awake most of the night, my preferred tea this morning is coffee. I figure I'll switch over at about noon.

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Jan 31st, '08, 12:25
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by Space Samurai » Jan 31st, '08, 12:25

My weeks long matcha drought is about to end with some Nakai's organic Uji matcha from Zencha.

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Jan 31st, '08, 12:35
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by xine » Jan 31st, '08, 12:35

All by myself, only with some politics to keep me company. Started my day off with some Golden Monkey, will follow up with some Genmai Cha, and then looking at some Adagio Valentine's and Mariebelle's Chocolate rose tea, while I'm taking pictures of them.

-edited cos I changed my mind.

Jan 31st, '08, 12:53
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by Buzz Fledderjohn » Jan 31st, '08, 12:53

Finishing off a bag of Den's Sencha Fuka-midori.

Jan 31st, '08, 12:55
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by Marky » Jan 31st, '08, 12:55

Drinking a nice Pouchong from TenRen today. I voted "alone" but I'm really with my good ol' dog Moose.

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Jan 31st, '08, 13:17
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by Space Samurai » Jan 31st, '08, 13:17

mmmmm, a few bowls of matcha later, and I am right as rain, all caffienated and warm and fuzzy.