TGIF 2/01/08 How many steeps for your FAV tea?

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How many times do you steep your FAVORITE (type of) tea?

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Feb 2nd 08 7:57 am
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by cherryking » Feb 2nd 08 7:57 am

well, I think it deponds on what kinds of tea you have, yes, for me, I have a lot of types favorite teas, Keemun, Golden Needle, Jasmine, Tie Kwuan Yin, Silver Needle, and green loose tea, but they will be tasted very different if they be infused into same time water. Keemun, Jasmine, and Tie Kwan Yin will be taste still strong if it will be steeped by 5 times, but Silver Needle and tender green teas will be tasted like pure water after 5 times brew. specially for earlier spring green tea. I got earlier spring Huangshan Maofeng in last year, that was quite tender with one buds, one small leaf, just picked from the first bud of tea bush, wow, I should say, that was so tender, but I had a conclusion after I had that experince, is that do not try to too earlier spring green tea, it was very tender, fresh, but the taste will be very slight, so wait till buds grows big, and have much dissolved content of tea buds in water, then taste it....

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Feb 2nd 08 8:03 am
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by Lama » Feb 2nd 08 8:03 am

The second infusion (30s) turned out great!
Wonderfully sweet with an astringent aftertaste, but not to much like the first.

I think your are right, 1:30 is probably to long. I'l try 1 min next time.

I think if I get the hang of this i'l be able to make a great cup soon :)

I should also realy get a Kyusu, untill now I have been brewing in the IngenuiTEA.
Its great for most tea's, but its hard to control the temperature.

If I brew 200ml at a time, should I get a smaller size 13 Kyusu, or is a size 15-18-20 also suitable for for smaller amounts?

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Feb 2nd 08 8:21 am
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by Chip » Feb 2nd 08 8:21 am

Wow...this is sooo cool. In the last page, we had posts from Norway, Finland, Belgium, China, and of course, USA.

5 countries!!!!!

Lama, If you are brewing 200 ml as I am by the way, a kyusu that is designated for 270 ml or at least 230 would be ideal. Where are you looking? By your sizes, I presume it is an old school Japanese site?

CherryKing, thanx for sharing from China. Yes, I agree, the most early spring greens tend to be a little too light. But they are lovely teas usually, just very light in the cup. They are also very expensive here! So, it is a good idea to wait a few more weeks and get a more mature leaf set, right?