Tuesday TeaDay, 2/26/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Has your interest in TEA created an interest in the nations and cultures of TEA origins...or vice versa?

Yes, extremely
Yes, definately
Yes, superficially
Total votes: 51

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Feb 26th 08 7:50 am
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Tuesday TeaDay, 2/26/08

by Chip » Feb 26th 08 7:50 am

It is TeaDay Tuesday!!! Welcome everyone to TeaDay.

Stop by, share your cup with everyone, see what TeaChatters are sipping today, and join in the discussion. Since everyone is welcome, it is a great place to jump in and get your feet wet if you are new to TeaChat.

Stop by throughout the day and post often.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion...we know the origins of many of our teas...does this interest, and quest also carry over to the culture, the country from which our teas originate. Are you drawn to your teas culture as a result of yout tea...or...is it more of a vice versa condition. You were drawn to your teas because of your interest in that culture or country.

Or do just like tea?

I think this is a fascinating subject and I hope everyone jumps in and shares with us.

Have a great TeaDay everyone!!!

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Feb 26th 08 9:02 am
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by omegapd » Feb 26th 08 9:02 am

While I find some things about tea interesting, like the Japanese tea ceremony, it does not influence me at all to go out of my way to find certain teas or attempt to re-create the ceremony in my living room.

It's good reading while I sip a cup of English Breakfast but that's about it for me. The recommendations of teaware and teas from members here influence me much more than the history or the culture of the teas that I drink...


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Feb 26th 08 11:10 am
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by olivierco » Feb 26th 08 11:10 am

No: I drink all kinds of tea and I haven't any special interest on chinese, tawainese or indian cultures. Tea is a part of my interest to japanese culture, but no the main one nor the reason of it (and vice versa).

This morning Yunnan golden tips fro breakfast and now houjicha during my lunch break.

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Feb 26th 08 11:31 am
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by Ladytiger » Feb 26th 08 11:31 am

No, those interests came before I really cared about where my tea came from. Trying to do Irish Breakfast this morning and I'm going to see if I can make some Chai pudding pie later.

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Feb 26th 08 11:46 am
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by Victoria » Feb 26th 08 11:46 am

I have always had an interest in things Asian since I was a little girl. Unusual for a small town mid-western girl I suppose. So it was of no surprise to me, how more and more these things would become a part of my life. Strangely enough, I don't think the tea aspect is related.

This morning's brew is a Scottish Breakfast Blend.
Happy Tuesday, which is my Monday!

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Feb 26th 08 12:54 pm
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by osadczuk » Feb 26th 08 12:54 pm

I adore history (obviously) so my desire to study other cultures has nothing to do with tea.

But I do love the tea!

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Feb 26th 08 2:27 pm
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by TimeforTea » Feb 26th 08 2:27 pm

I've always been interested in learning about other cultures. Drinking tea (green tea) has made me want to learn even more about Asian cultures.

Ever since my grandparents traveled to China in the 80s, I have been intriged by the Asian way of life. I remember when she cooked "Chinese vegetables" for us, and told us about their morning exercise rituals. I even looked into adopting orphans from China. (However, I drink primarily Japanese tea!! :lol: )

It would be interesting if we could share posts about the different tea cultures.

This morning I am drinking adagio's casa-blanca twist.

Happy tea day, everyone!
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Feb 26th 08 2:37 pm
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by cloudyday » Feb 26th 08 2:37 pm

I'd have to say no. Only because my interests in other cultures led me to tea, not the other way around.

Drinking Makaibari Silver Tips this morning.

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Feb 26th 08 3:12 pm
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 26th 08 3:12 pm

I said no. I just drink tea. I drink tea like other people drink soda or water. It is just what I drink. I drink better tea than bags, but not what some people would consider the best tea.

I am also drinking casablanca twist this morning. Actually, I had a second infusion of yesterday's pouchong first.

My casablanca twist is now gone and I am sad. :(

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Feb 26th 08 3:25 pm
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by Selaphiel » Feb 26th 08 3:25 pm

I voted "Yes, definitely" but in the other way around. I`ve been interested in asian cultures, especially Japan, longer than I`ve been interested in tea. Don`t think that was the only thing that made me get more into tea, but it probably was a part of it.

Today I`m gonna have a Gong Fu Cha ceremony with some friends, gonna use some Iron Godess of Mercy oolong. Looking forward to it.

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Feb 26th 08 4:47 pm
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Feb 26th 08 4:47 pm

It was not the tea that got me interested in Asian culture, but other stuff. My father started me in a martial arts program when I was six, which piqued my interest in Chinese culture. I studied for about twelve years, but stopped when I started college because I couldn't find a suitable Kempo group in the area. I tried Tai Kwon Do for a bit, but it was not as fun as the Kempo for me. During this time I started drinking tea because I hated the taste of coffee, not because it matched with the culture. Now I drink tea because I like it better than soda, juice, or coffee. I have gotten distracted by looking up how to brew tea, the traditional vessels, and how it is grown, but not to extreme measures.

I started this morning with some guricha. I have this feeling that I caught whatever sickness my friend had, so it will be green tea all day today.

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Feb 26th 08 4:51 pm
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by Mil » Feb 26th 08 4:51 pm

Oh, what a good question! I've been wondering if some of the variance in TeaChatters' gong fu/tea ceremony practices could be explained by interest in the culture of the tea's country of origin. (...That sentence sort of got away from me there. Sorry.)

I don't think my interest in tea is related to anything except, well, liking the taste of tea. That hasn't stopped my friends and family from diagnosing it as a symptom of my raging case of Anglophilia, but hey, what do they know? I was recreating Monty Python sketches with my brother long before I was allowed caffeinated beverages.

Victoria, I started today with Scottish Breakfast Blend too! I'm... a little scared now, to be honest. Which one of us is the evil twin?

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Feb 26th 08 5:06 pm
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by tenuki » Feb 26th 08 5:06 pm

I've had an interest in Asian culture since I can remember. I've also liked tea for about as long. Not sure if it's the chicken or the egg.

li shan

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Feb 26th 08 5:40 pm
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by Victoria » Feb 26th 08 5:40 pm

Mil wrote:Victoria, I started today with Scottish Breakfast Blend too! I'm... a little scared now, to be honest. Which one of us is the evil twin?
The jury is still out on that one. :wink:

But found guilty is this vanilla oolong I fired up for testing here at work.

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Feb 26th 08 5:42 pm
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by fencerdenoctum » Feb 26th 08 5:42 pm

Today started with Tazo Awake- Keep in mind that Awake rhymes with MISTAKE. It was nasty. I'll be moving to something better later. Don't know what just yet. I'm eyeballing some TKY at the moment.

I said yes, but I must say I liked History before tea, but it was a lecture on British trade that made me buy that box of loose Twinings that started this whole mess. It just snowballed from there. I have been wanting to learn about other countries tea habits so I would say the yes still fits.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,