Thursday TeaDay, 3/06/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Your order of favorite true TEAS...? Sorry, can't list all the options, so, please pick your closest order.

Black, oolong, green/white
Black, green/white, oolong
Oolong, green/white, black
Oolong, black, green/white
Green/white, black, oolong
Green/white, oolong, black
Pu-erh, oolong, green/white
Pu-erh, greenwhite, oolong
Oolong, pu-erh, green/white
No votes
Oolong, green/white, pu-erh
Green/white, oolong, pu-erh
Total votes: 49

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Mar 6th 08 8:21 am
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Thursday TeaDay, 3/06/08

by Chip » Mar 6th 08 8:21 am

Good Thursday, TeaChatters!!! Welcome to TeaDay...I hope you are sipping your favorite brew as you read this.

Please share what is in your cup today, throughout the day. Visit TeaDay often and share often. Also see what other TeaChatters are sipping as well, this is a lot of fun, after all, we can't drink everything. Feel free to ask other posters questions about what is in their cup.

Today's TeaPoll question and discussion topic. We all have our favorite type of TEA, but I bet each of us has our order of favorite types of TEA as well. So, answer the poll, and share what your order is here. This way, we can all learn a little something more about our fellow TeaChatters...and about YOU.

Have a great TeaDay everyone.

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Mar 6th 08 9:22 am
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by Trey Winston » Mar 6th 08 9:22 am

White, green, oolong, black. Had some trouble deciding the order of oolong and black, since oolong is a relatively new discovery for me. But white is my clear favorite. Enjoying some right now, in fact.

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Mar 6th 08 9:50 am
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by omegapd » Mar 6th 08 9:50 am

Green,Black, Oolong

I like them all but the greens have recently taken a step ahead of the others...


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Mar 6th 08 10:48 am
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by olivierco » Mar 6th 08 10:48 am

Green for first place (in this order: Gyokuro, Sencha, Chinese Greens, Matcha). Next Black, Oolongs, White and Puer. I buy and drink all kinds of tea anyway.

This morning, Yunnan Golden tips. Houjicha for my lunch break.

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Mar 6th 08 1:14 pm
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by Victoria » Mar 6th 08 1:14 pm

The closest for me is Oolong, black, green/white.

This morning's brew is Gaba oolong.

Have a lovely day all!

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Mar 6th 08 1:43 pm
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by RussianSoul » Mar 6th 08 1:43 pm

It used to be black, black, black for me. Then it changed to black, green when I started to play with Japanese teas. Now it reversed to green, black. So I picked green, black, oolong even though I have not bought much oolong yet, but I am thinking about it.

Yunnan Gold's in my cup. I fell asleep with this thought last night - must have Yunnan Gold in the morning :roll: .

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Mar 6th 08 1:49 pm
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by JM » Mar 6th 08 1:49 pm

Black, Green and Rooibos [I know, I know, it's not a TEA].

* Chai and English Breakfast.

Mar 6th 08 2:30 pm
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by Scarlet Glow » Mar 6th 08 2:30 pm

Green/White, Black, and Oolong was my pick.

Nothing can keep me away from greens and whites. I may start my day off with a black tea occasionally. I have tried many oolongs but I just can't seem to acquire a taste for them. However, I have not tried any pu erh's yet so I had to chose the option that did not include pu erh.

I am not dissing pu erh, though, because it is on my list of teas to try. :wink:

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Mar 6th 08 2:42 pm
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by TimeforTea » Mar 6th 08 2:42 pm

Green, White, Oolong, Black. :D I was pleasantly surprised that this choice is the most popular so far.

This morning, I am enjoying my second steep of Harney & Sons' Sencha. My husband has been drinking this tea every day. I used my $14 iron tetsubin that I hadn't used yet. There's a lot of tea particles in the bottom of my cup--is this usual with sencha? I hope this doesn't get me too buzzed.

Yesterday I made a friend adagio's decaf peach. She said she liked it, after telling me that she is fine with supermarket English Breakfast tea. Shame on her, for she is half English!! I threw in an English Breakfast sample tin on yesterday's adagio order for her to try some *real* tea!

Last night I just about finished my tin of adagio's fox trot. That's becoming a favorite night time tisane.

Happy tea day, everyone!

Edit: Chip, sorry to hear about your troubles with Rishi. Keep us posted with what they say and do when they receive your tea back to inspect it.
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Mar 6th 08 2:43 pm
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by caradrake » Mar 6th 08 2:43 pm

I am drinking a cup of spearmint tea. I ended up having my first ever hangover last night, so I am hoping the mint might settle my tummy.

To answer today's poll, I think I would have to go green/black/oolong.

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Mar 6th 08 3:10 pm
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by TexasTea » Mar 6th 08 3:10 pm

Black/oolong/green/white for me... and where are tisanes in this poll???

Black first, at least for now, because I'm the most familiar with it and will turn to a cup of nilgiri or vintage ceylon as a "standard". Oolongs next - I'm just beginning my explorations here, but I could see these growing in favor over black in time. Green/white - still exploring, I've found a few that I like but in general I'm having trouble with the "vegetable" flavor of many greens. Maybe I haven't gotten the temperature and steeping right. Tisanes - might have put this first if it were an option.

With that said, I started this morning with Ginger & Lime rooibos and I'm currently sipping some Masala Chai.

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Mar 6th 08 4:02 pm
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by hop_goblin » Mar 6th 08 4:02 pm

Puerh and Wulong Rulz!

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Mar 6th 08 5:23 pm
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 6th 08 5:23 pm

My personal order would have to be Green.....White......Pu-erh. I am not a huge fan of oolongs or blacks.

*Right now I have a cup of Premium Sencha that I brewed in my 4. oz gaiwan!

-Nick (TaiPing)

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Mar 6th 08 7:21 pm
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by olivierco » Mar 6th 08 7:21 pm

Another cup of Yunnan Golden tips after work.

Just had Kuradashi Gyokuro SP (Hibiki-an).
As it was the end of the package, I brew it 5gr:120ml:150s(30/30/60s for subsequent steeps):55°C(up to 60°C).
Good and clear taste, no trace of astringency, even for the fourth steep, but too light to my taste for a gyokuro.
Too bad I have only one 40gr package left in my fridge.

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Mar 6th 08 8:01 pm
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by Chip » Mar 6th 08 8:01 pm

A bit of a tough call, I have beginner's interest in pu-erh, but would normally place black tea as my third choice over pu.

So, I went with green, oolong, black...with pu a close 4th. I just know pu is going to complicate my life one of these days. :wink:

Sencha Premium is in my cup so far. What can I is really good. It must be for me to have it everyday.