FRIDAY!!! TeaDay, 3/07/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

What HOT beverage do you reach for besides tea? Your first choice!!!

Herbal tisane
Yerbe mate
Total votes: 58

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Mar 7th, '08, 09:19
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by Samovar » Mar 7th, '08, 09:19

Is there life without tea? Not for me. :D


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Mar 7th, '08, 09:46
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by Victoria » Mar 7th, '08, 09:46

This morning's brew a nice Bai Mu Dan - so see, I do like some dark oolongs no matter my rep.

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Mar 7th, '08, 09:51
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by LavenderPekoe » Mar 7th, '08, 09:51

I think I have had a few sips of coffee. I HATES it. A lot. All coffee, doesn't matter what you do to it. I do like the smell of some good beans, just like I like the smell of tobacco (pre burning).

I do like hot cocoa, but I guess I drink Tisanes more. They are sorta part of my tea-ing sometimes.

Actually, for the last few days I have been drinking up some old Mint Mate so I can have the tin for other things. Almost done with it. :)

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Mar 7th, '08, 10:16
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by caradrake » Mar 7th, '08, 10:16

Add me to the group who likes the smell of coffee beans, but not the taste!

I am starting this morning off with a wonderful cup of genmai cha. This past week has been torture without it. Welcome back, my love!

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Mar 7th, '08, 10:34
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by JM » Mar 7th, '08, 10:34

I've been drinking a lot of Rooibos of late but would love to try Mate.

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Mar 7th, '08, 10:46
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by TimeforTea » Mar 7th, '08, 10:46

I usually will reach for either an herbal tisane or a rooibos (Is a rooibos not considered a tisane?) :?:

I voted for herbal tisane, since foxtrot is my favorite hot beverage to reach for, other than tea. I have only tried red rooibos, and am eager to try green. I see there is also something called honeybush rooibos, but I do not know what that is. It is available on

My coffee habit is history. I can't even stand the smell anymore when I walk past the beans in the grocery store. :D

This morning I was feeling under the weather, and still feeling unadventureous with my teas. I had 2 cups of adagio's casablanca, which I always enjoy. Tomorrow I hope to brew some different senchas with my husband.

Happy tea day, everyone!

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Mar 7th, '08, 10:53
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by TimeforTea » Mar 7th, '08, 10:53

tenuki wrote: And beer, I drink beer.

And wine.
You drink HOT beer and wine, huh? :wink:

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Mar 7th, '08, 10:56
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by TimeforTea » Mar 7th, '08, 10:56

Space Samurai wrote:Without coffee I'd kill people.
I could see my husband saying that about me. Too bad there's no coffee rehab. :lol:

You can quit coffee. I'm living proof.

Mar 7th, '08, 11:05
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by Scarlet Glow » Mar 7th, '08, 11:05

The only other hot beverage that I go for, other than tea, is hot chocolate.

I have not gotten into herbals or rooibus yet. Dang, I'm such a slacker! :roll:

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Mar 7th, '08, 11:25
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by Mil » Mar 7th, '08, 11:25

Coffee, no question, served black and hot as you can get it. I could give it up, but why would I want to? It's delicious. :D

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Mar 7th, '08, 11:34
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by jogrebe » Mar 7th, '08, 11:34

Scarlet Glow wrote:The only other hot beverage that I go for, other than tea, is hot chocolate.

I have not gotten into herbals or rooibus yet. Dang, I'm such a slacker! :roll:
I can second that with hot chocolate to back up my other vote. I think we're up to 3 for hot chocolate now.

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Mar 7th, '08, 11:43
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by Space Samurai » Mar 7th, '08, 11:43

Teasweetie wrote:

You can quit coffee. I'm living proof.
Sure, but what would be the point?

I've never quite understood the duality between coffee and tea, why one needs to be declared superior, or why certain people feel coffee is bad for you.

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Mar 7th, '08, 12:01
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by hop_goblin » Mar 7th, '08, 12:01

I would of stated beer but that was not a answer! :lol:

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Mar 7th, '08, 12:23
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 7th, '08, 12:23

I used to be a coffee drinker, but the caffeine was too much for me and it tended to give me a stomach ache. I still drink it occasionally when I need a caffeine boost. I enjoyed strong, black coffee, which is why I think I have been enjoying black tea in the morning.

Now, outside of tea, I drink Rooibos and tisanes. I've been enjoying Vanilla Rooibos or Foxtrot nightly as a caffeine-free tea alternative.

I started today with Russian Caravan to see how it did in the morning. It is working so far as a wake-up tea.

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Mar 7th, '08, 12:34
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by skywarrior » Mar 7th, '08, 12:34

tenuki wrote:FP.

I loves me some coffee. I counted, I have 7 ways to prepare coffee in my kitchen. Only one way to grind it though. :)
You're NOT of the BODY!!! Landru! Landru!!!