Tuesday, another TeaDay! 3/18/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

So, how would you rate TeaChat?

1 Not Good. Needs major improvements
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2 OK. Nothing to get excited about
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3 Good, better than most Tea Forums
4 Very good...a terrific forum for TeaLovers! One of the very best!
5 Excellent, the best Tea Forum! Even if it is not perfect!
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Total votes: 39

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Mar 19th, '08, 01:19
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 19th, '08, 01:19

*Finishing off the day with a few steeps of Wu's 2006 Reserve Ripe Pu-Erh. It is such a great every day Pu, it is certainly not the best, but it is quite pleasant and for the price (16$ for 350g) it cannot be beat! Anyway, happy brewing to all!

-Nick (TaiPing)

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Mar 19th, '08, 01:40
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 19th, '08, 01:40

My Tea Day ended quite well though it was not overly productive. The remainder of the Vanilla Rooibos from this morning got stuck in the fridge when I got back from class with some left over. It tastes surprisingly good as iced tea.

I decided to sample the organic silver rain white tea again to see if more leaves would give it more flavor than the first time I tried it. The first time resulted in lightly scented water with no color. Using my gaiwan, the first steep today was a nice pale yellow and had a flavor that reminded me of a light green tea. It was okay, but not amazing. The second steep had something terrible happen to it and was absolutely awful. Either I steeped it too long or used water that was too hot or both. I gave up on the white tea after that.

Later in the evening, I made some Fuka-Midori. That made the Tea Day much better. There is nothing like green tea for making a day more enjoyable.

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Mar 19th, '08, 02:48
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by osadczuk » Mar 19th, '08, 02:48

Oh, I feel all bad now that I've read the thread because I was going to criticize just a bit. (Mind you, my vote was a 5 because I do adore TeaChat.) :cry:

I think this is a wonderful forum and a wonderful group, but sometimes I really wish there was just a "chat" portion of the forum (people who know me in real life are dying right now, as, well, I never "chat") I know the chat window exists but it's just not quite the same. There are many interesting similarities (pet lovers/parents.students/teachers/sci-fi fans/etc.) within this group as well as some great differences, it really is sometimes nice just to talk about ourselves, and them.

Anyway. No tea today. Still terribly off-kilter from last Thursday and I haven't regained any sort of routine at all. Maybe tomorrow.