FRIDAY!!! TeaDay!!! 3/21/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Oh PU...Pu-erh that is. Let's branch out from yesterday's theme a little. Pu-erh is a buzzz aound TeaChat, but have you tried it?

Yes, I love the stuff more days than not
Yes, I have it occasionally
Yes, I have tried it, and I liked it, but have not had it since
Yes, I tried it, and I did not like it
No, I have not tried it but have been wanting to...
No, I have not tried it, I do not know enough about it
No, get that PU away from me, I am not interested in the least
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Mar 21st, '08, 19:45
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by RussianSoul » Mar 21st, '08, 19:45

I haven't tried pu, but am very interested. It's just I am at a loss where to start. I am pretty sure I will try it some day, but not right now. I am knee deep in figuring out Japanese teas at the moment. That keeps me busy.

Had Harney's Irish Breakfast after a long break and realized I do not like BOP. I can actually tell the difference. I was surprised that I could, never happened before. Had two cups of Gyokuro Kame-Giru-Shi in the middle of the day and now am drinking some Formosa Oolong while cooking dinner. Will have a second steep of that Formosa with dinner.

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Mar 21st, '08, 20:07
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Mar 21st, '08, 20:07

I haven't tried Pu-erh yet. Eventually, I may be motivated enough to try it, but I haven't really looked into it too much.

Today has been an odd tea day. It started off not too great but got better. I tried to make some Darjeeling while packing my car to drive home and failed. The Darjeeling did not like the green tea temperature water that I accidentally used. Knowing I would need a mug of tea for the trip, I resorted to the Harney and Sons Paris teabag. It was surprisingly sweet and fruity for a black tea. I got home after the three hour drive to find that my box from Enjoying Tea had arrived. The Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha that I had ordered was exactly what I was looking for after sampling it at a tea shop and not finding it since then. While I made myself a mug of the Cherry Rose Sencha, I made a pot of Apricot Green for my parents for dinner. I have a feeling my parents still view my tea obsession as eccentric, but at least they thought the Apricot Green was pretty good. Later this evening, I get to try the Rooibos samples that also came in the Enjoying Tea order.

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Mar 21st, '08, 21:50
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by Ladytiger » Mar 21st, '08, 21:50

I have Pu Erh in my tea drawer now just waiting for me to try it but I'm waiting a little bit.

I'm on my second tea today. My first was a spiced tea that I had over my friend's house. It was so good! It ended my Pakistani meal nicely, after they tried to make me eat more food. Now, I'm doing some homework with some Honest Tea Green Dragon Tea, yummy.

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Mar 21st, '08, 22:10
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Mar 21st, '08, 22:10

Since ordering my first set of samples and my first cake about a month ago I have had Pu every day. I only drink the Wu's Reserve 2006 Ripe cake every day becuase it isn't that expensive--but its good none the less.

*In fact, today, the Wu's Pu is all I have had.....I will probably move on to some Japanese greens a little later as I usually do!

-Nick (TaiPing)

Mar 22nd, '08, 02:12
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by Chinese tea » Mar 22nd, '08, 02:12

yeah, I have drank Puer tea a lot, well, as a matter of fact, it is one of my favorite tea. No matter it is raw or ripe, I like them both. This year, the bush tea leaves of Puer have been picked and the raw Puer tea made from bush tea leaves has already been on the market in China. As to the arbor tea leaves, this arbor tea leaves have not come out completely. I learn from my tea fans in Yunnan who open a Puer company, that arbor tea leaves will be picked at the end of this month and the new puer tea made from arbor tree will be on the market in early April.

I am drinking Rou Gui(cinnamon) Wuyi Oolong tea now from 2007, cos new Rou Gui oolong tea will be on the market in June. It tastes good and comes from a very famous tea-makers in Wuyishan. He has been awarded as one of the ten disseminators of making-techniques of Da Hong Pao(big red robe) Wuyi Oolong tea. Hope that you guys can taste his tea one day. It is worthy of tasting.

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Mar 22nd, '08, 02:34
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by Chip » Mar 22nd, '08, 02:34

Very interesting day here on TeaDay. I enjoyed reading about everyone's thoughts on pu-erh.

I finished my day with a home pan fired guricha...not sure I nailed this one, but it was good.

Chinese Tea, thanks for sharing about Pu-erh and Wuyi Oolong. I hope you stop by here everyday and tell us what is in your cup all the way in China. That would be great.

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Mar 22nd, '08, 03:29
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by Sydney » Mar 22nd, '08, 03:29

I enjoy me some pu, mainly as a weekend treat so I can take my time and enjoy it.

But I'm something of a culinary adventurer.