FRIDAY>>>TEADAY, 4/04/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

FRIDAY, a day to get to know each other a little, do you have any pets...and any with TeaNames?

Yes, I have pet(s) and at least one with a TeaName
Yes, I have pet(s)
No, I do not have pet(s) at this time, but hope to
No, I do not have pets
Total votes: 58

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Apr 4th, '08, 14:39
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by LavenderPekoe » Apr 4th, '08, 14:39

I have two kitties. They are named after Buffy characters. :oops:

Today's tea is my very non-exciting for most here ToT Lychee. Been out of the tea thing a bit this past week and a half. Traveled last weekend so it took me a long time to catch up here, then I was not really up to making tea yesterday and just laid on the couch all day.

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Apr 4th, '08, 15:08
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by olivierco » Apr 4th, '08, 15:08

RussianSoul wrote:Thank you, Chip and olivierco!

This gives me a starting point. I settled into having one Sencha session a day. This would mean 5g x 30 = 150g a month. So I probably will order 3 bags. Does it sound proper?

Since I planning to order from o-cha, I will probably get Hatsumi, Miyabi and something third for diversity. I was thinking about adding Midori to the list, but then heard that it may taste too bold. Any advice on that? What is your opinion on Midori?
You're welcome.

Three bags seems to be OK.

I have just ordered Kirameki (and a bag of Uji Gyokuro Kame-Giru-Shi), my first shincha order for this year. I didn't try it last year and it seems that Kirameki is different (more asamuhi, i.e. less steamed) than other O-Cha's (good choices anyway).
I should order another one (or two) from O-cha but haven't decided yet which one.
I guess I will also order some from Kaburagien (I enjoyed it last year).

Houjicha with my dinner.

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Apr 4th, '08, 15:16
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by daughteroftheKing » Apr 4th, '08, 15:16

Oolong #40 (adagio) with Rosebuds -- smooth and relaxing (yet somehow reviving; isn't tea great that way?) so now I'm ready for a busy afternoon.

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Apr 4th, '08, 16:01
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by Terrasi » Apr 4th, '08, 16:01

LavenderPekoe wrote:I have two kitties. They are named after Buffy characters. :oops:

Which buffy characters? I am guessing... xander and willow?

Today I have had: silver needle, dragonwell, oolong #40, and peach oolong. I love new sample day!

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Apr 4th, '08, 16:35
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by LavenderPekoe » Apr 4th, '08, 16:35

Nope, both are girls. Cordelia and Lilah. Maybe I should have said Angel characters, but it is all the BuffyVerse to me and one is a crossover. The first was so named by my husband because he thought she was hot. The second was named by me because it was a little more obscure and she is evil, but will hopefully be good in the end :) (she isn't really evil, she just was at first since she was so afraid of her new home). I kinda wanted Fred, but the hubby wouldn't go for that one.

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Apr 4th, '08, 16:38
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by motokochan » Apr 4th, '08, 16:38

Two dogs here, both Alaskan Klee Kai in breed. They are named Lexi and Billy (no tea names).

Today so far, two mugs of Genmaicha (one at home, one on the way to work in a travel container). I think this afternoon at work I'll makeither Dragonwell or some of the Sencha I recently got a sample of.

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Apr 4th, '08, 16:57
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by olivierco » Apr 4th, '08, 16:57

Ending the day drinking with some rooibos and ordering some shincha, matcha and gyokuro from Kaburagien.

Apr 4th, '08, 17:52
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by Pentox » Apr 4th, '08, 17:52

olivierco wrote:Ending the day drinking with some rooibos and ordering some shincha, matcha and gyokuro from Kaburagien.
Mm sounds like a delightful order, wanna just send that to my house instead?

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Apr 4th, '08, 18:26
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by shogun89 » Apr 4th, '08, 18:26

Its a cat for me. Her name is Kaly.

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Apr 4th, '08, 18:27
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by shogun89 » Apr 4th, '08, 18:27

yeah sorry about that it didnt rally work. i give up.

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Apr 4th, '08, 19:12
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by andy825 » Apr 4th, '08, 19:12

Do horses count? They are just like very big dogs, really.... ... MG2113.jpg
Willy ... MG2138.jpg

I had some fish, called Finn and Gil, but they died. :(

This morning, white tea with vanilla (from some samples I'm trying out for a vanilla importer)
Right now, Kandy black tea with a little milk.

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Apr 4th, '08, 19:25
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by Ladytiger » Apr 4th, '08, 19:25

Are you ready for my list?
13 cats: Sophie, Kali, Valentine, Sammy, Bubba, Harley, Juno, Patch, Elsie, Momma, April, and Caesar (i think I'm missing one)
2 dogs: Max and Copper
3 rats: Merlin, Gawian, and Lily
Beta: Henry and Fawkes (heh)
1 hermit crab
My one dog, Copper, likes Gen Mai Cha.
No tea today, I haven't been drinking much lately.

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Apr 4th, '08, 19:54
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by Chip » Apr 4th, '08, 19:54

LT wins the most pets contest.

Interesting Poll results so far. I had suspected that TeaDrinkers were more likely to have a pet. At around 80% having pets of those who responded, I still think so.

Looks like an all Japanese green day for big surprise, riiight.
Daily Sencha...last of the bag that went surprisingly fast for a 2nd flusher. Often til I get to bottom of a bag of 2nd flush I a, thinking good riddance!!! Not this time though.

Time for another tea...

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Apr 4th, '08, 21:17
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by skywarrior » Apr 4th, '08, 21:17

I have one cat and nine dogs. I used to have more dogs, but old-age has taken a lot of them. None are named after tea, I'm afraid, but one is named after a dragon.

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Apr 4th, '08, 21:41
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by auggy » Apr 4th, '08, 21:41

Woo hoo! Someone has more cats than me! I have seven. Most of which are strays. What can I say? I'm a softy for animals and hubby is a softy for me. :D

This morning was pouchong. This afternoon I am drinking the orange oolong that Victoria recommended earlier this week (or was it last week?) The first steep I used the recommended time on the site and it seemed to have too much of a bitter end for me. Cut the steep time on the second steep and yum! Not as sweet as I was anticipating but a very good flavor. DH isn't as much of a fan of it but he doesn't like orange. I, however, do so I quite like it. Not sure if it will make my list of teas I have to have on hand all the time, but definitely going to have fun drinking this one while I decide! So thanks for the rec, Victoria!