Monday's TeaDay 4/28/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Philosophical, maybe, maybe not. Who would you have tea with if you could choose anyone?

A "special" TeaChatter
A dignitary
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A celebrity
A Tea celeb of present day
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A famous historaical Tea persona in his/her time
Captain Picard or other "tea character" in his/her setting
An old friend you have not seen/lost contact with
A tea farmer as his guest
Someone in history (non tea) in his/her time
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Apr 28th, '08, 11:15
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by olivierco » Apr 28th, '08, 11:15

Sencha karigane right now.

I already had tea brewed by a Nobel Prize Laureate but it was only from teabag, so I prefer having tea with a real tea addict than with a celebrity.

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Apr 28th, '08, 11:45
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by joelbct » Apr 28th, '08, 11:45

Tough to decide!

I am about to have a cup of SpecialTeas Fujian Emperor's Red...

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Apr 28th, '08, 12:16
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by chamekke » Apr 28th, '08, 12:16

My mother. She died 5 years ago this coming Sunday, so she's been much in my thoughts lately.

Shortly before she passed away, I asked Mom if there was anything she hadn't done that she'd always wanted to do, and she said, "Only one. I always wanted to see Japan." This was a surprise to me; she'd never said this before.

Because of this, I became more curious about Japan (vicariously, I suppose), and about a year later I attended my first tea ceremony and became a student. My mother's death had hit me hard, and one thing I credit tea ceremony with is that it helped me find joy in life again at a time when things still seemed very grey. That interest in Chado blossomed into a general interest in Japanese culture that has brought me a lot of delight.

If my mother were still here, I would ask her to be my guest and treat her to her very first bowl of matcha. She would be thrilled - if, I suspect, a bit surprised by the taste!

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Apr 28th, '08, 12:42
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by joelbct » Apr 28th, '08, 12:42

Chamekke that is sweet, I am sorry for your loss and no doubt your mother would be proud of you and happy for you.

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Apr 28th, '08, 12:54
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by Aphroditea » Apr 28th, '08, 12:54

Chamekke - that was a BEAUTIFUL story. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Apr 28th, '08, 13:00
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by CanadaBlue » Apr 28th, '08, 13:00

I would like to have tea with Augustine. I am reading through Confessions, and I would like him to explain it a bit to me. Well, OK, a lot!!

... and then I can tell him about tea!
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Apr 28th, '08, 13:05
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by Katrina » Apr 28th, '08, 13:05

Chamekke - Thanks for sharing your story.

I think it's a function of the rainy, dreary weather here but I actually chose Other because I just kept thinking there's no one I'd rather have tea with today than my husband. (No need to cue the awwwwwws...) Just spending a little quiet time chatting over a cup of tea sounds just about perfect.

No tea yet today. Oolong in my future but I'm not sure what. I'll let you know later.

I have been itching to try out the new gaiwan but so afraid of messing up the tea that I've actually delayed. Crazy, I know!

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Apr 28th, '08, 13:18
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by tenuki » Apr 28th, '08, 13:18

insanitylater wrote:tea with tom waits
as long as you don't mind it soaked in kerosene.

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Apr 28th, '08, 13:22
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by tenuki » Apr 28th, '08, 13:22

I'd like to have tea with the people I always have tea with. :D

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Apr 28th, '08, 13:28
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by Salsero » Apr 28th, '08, 13:28

CanadaBlue wrote:I would like to have tea with Augustine.
I'm not sure tea would be appropirate to the epoch of the towering North African from Hippo, but I love the Confessions. As theology, I don't know, but he is unsurpassed as poet:

"Late have I loved you, O Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved you. You have called to me, and have cried out, and have shattered my deafness. You have blazed forth with light and have put my blindness to flight!" --Book 10

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Apr 28th, '08, 14:17
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by bi lew chun » Apr 28th, '08, 14:17

chamekke, that was a touching story. It's very interesting to me how we often seem to chance upon the important paths we take in life, sometimes because we wish to experience that which someone we love finds meaningful. Exploring what someone else loves can be a wonderful experience, but discovering what a loved one longed to know has a quality all its own.

To return to the ordinary, my tea has not yet come in, so today it was sencha from Rishi.



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Apr 28th, '08, 14:54
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by olivierco » Apr 28th, '08, 14:54

I realized that I haven't drunken any gyokuro for a whole week, due to some matcha experimentation and Darjeeling's new harvest.
Time to have some Uji Gyokuro "Yume no Ukihashi"

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Apr 28th, '08, 15:01
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by fencerdenoctum » Apr 28th, '08, 15:01

I have way too many old friends that I would want to have tea with, so I went with the fictional character.

I'd have tea with Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I think his outlook would improve if they would just let him have a decent cuppa.

Teasource's Nilgiri Glendale estate handmade is brewin. Haven't tried it yet. It smells delicious.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,
-Seigi no tame.

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Apr 28th, '08, 16:24
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by Chip » Apr 28th, '08, 16:24

Sencha Tokusen from Ono prefecture. I had struggled with this sencha few weeks ago. It is a most unusual sencha in every regard including origin, brewing method, taste and aroma. But it is good that I stepped away from it for a few weeks. Now coming at it this time around, I have a fresher outlook on it.

Today it is quite good...especially since I have few sencha choices...
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Apr 28th, '08, 17:45
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by henley » Apr 28th, '08, 17:45

Getting home in time just to turn around & leave again... :wink:

Had pomegranate oolong w/bfast this morning. Hope to end the day w/a nice cuppa but will have to wait & see.

Still pondering an answer for today's question.