Nueve de Mayo, Viernes!!! 2008

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Let's get frivolous and learn a little something about each other. Chamekke asks, "What is the origin or significance of your username on TeaChat?"

My name (or part of it) in real life
A nickname of mine
A reference to tea
A personal joke
Just a way of hiding my identity {eyes dart from side to side}
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May 9th, '08, 09:37
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Love and Tea

by Aphroditea » May 9th, '08, 09:37

I know a few folks have had their own ideas about my name and I am afraid it isn't as interesting as THEY think it is ;)

my bachelor degree was in Archaeology/Classical Studies - I took Koine Greek as a language for that and studied the Greek myths. I resonate most with Athena but I don't think anyone would have figured out ATEAna :)

So I thought Aphroditea was a cute way to use the word tea.

in my cup: Firefly Signature Blend!

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May 9th, '08, 09:38
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by CynTEAa » May 9th, '08, 09:38

augie wrote:It's the name of:
Today is:
1. my last day of being a single-parent after a long week
2. Friday!
3. Payday

TGIF everybody.
Yeah! TGIF for certain. In regards to point #1, me too but my 'kids' are of the four-legged kind, making them faster and likely smarter than I. :wink:
Proinsias wrote:... I wouldn't go to see Willie Nelson live any other way.
That sounds excellent! Enjoy!

My TeaChat name was devised by my dear friend, Xine. Tea-centric for certain. I've have just one cup of Yunnan Gold so far and need more tea ASAP! I'm leaning toward one of the lovely '08 China Green samples.

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May 9th, '08, 09:39
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by Salsero » May 9th, '08, 09:39

Proinsias wrote:... they were mocking my baby tea drinking ...
Men can be such brutes!

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May 9th, '08, 10:05
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by Victoria » May 9th, '08, 10:05

My name is ummm my name.

Darjeeling in my cup this morning.
Have a nice FRIDAY everyone!

Nice black pot Salsero!
PS: I think you burned the toast!
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May 9th, '08, 10:21
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by auggy » May 9th, '08, 10:21

My name evolved from AIM. My screen name used to have my maiden name in it, so I figured I needed to change it after I got married. I'm horrible at remembering dates, so I figured I'd use my anniversary as a screen name to help remember... On August 3 I got married and became a Zimmermann, so I used Aug3Zimm as my screen name. Signed up to a board using the same name and people started calling me Aug, which changed into Auggy. That was years ago and it just kind of stuck.

Coconut tea this morning.

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May 9th, '08, 10:26
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by GalileosDaughter » May 9th, '08, 10:26

Salsero, I love your photos! Very, very manly. :)

There are a lot of reasons for my name, the main one being that it is one of my favorite books.

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May 9th, '08, 10:35
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by fencerdenoctum » May 9th, '08, 10:35

The nickname- Fencerdenoctum

Its kinda latin for "Fencer of the Night" Fencer doesn't exactly transfer, but it sure sounds cool. I've used the nick for years.

Prolly gonna have some Nilgiri later. It is delicious crime.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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May 9th, '08, 10:54
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by henley » May 9th, '08, 10:54

Happy Birthday, TeaSweetie! Hope it's a great day.

I'm glad this came up as a topic cause there are several screen names I've wondered about. It's been fun reading the responses.

Mine's a long story. I first discovered Don Henley & then the Eagles in the 80s as a teenager (yeah, I'm 30something...). Being a huge fan, I had always said I would name my first child "Henley" whether it was a boy or girl. Well, I ended up marrying a man who's last name ends in "ley" so that plan got shot in the foot. So I became Henley instead. At least I got to use it some way!

This morning's tea was Monk's Blend from NMTea. It was reeeally good. It had a rich but very smooth flavor w/no astrigency or bitterness. I see me ordering this one again. Off to Atlanta for the day!

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May 9th, '08, 11:01
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by insanitylater » May 9th, '08, 11:01

just a nerdy seinfeld reference. serenity now. insanity later

have powdered sencha in my bottle of water and afterwards i'm gonna finish up the pu session i started last night

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May 9th, '08, 11:48
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by scotty X » May 9th, '08, 11:48

my hockey coach could never remember my last name when he had to fill out the roster before games, so he'd get flustered and just put down 'scotty x', which became, and to a lesser extent remains, a nickname of sorts.

in fact, a couple of the hockey guys and i used to get together before games and pass around the mate gourd, then afterwards, we'd brew up some real tea before moving into the stronger beverages. how's that for manly tea drinking, sal??

this morning i'm finishing some pu erh i started during last night's disappointingly docile storms.

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May 9th, '08, 12:01
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by Salsero » May 9th, '08, 12:01

scotty X wrote:pass around the mate gourd, then afterwards, we'd brew up some real tea before moving into the stronger beverages. how's that for manly tea drinking, sal??
Hockey and mate! - now that IS a surprise! Nothing is more butch than hockey, except maybe gunfights.

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May 9th, '08, 12:02
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by Space Samurai » May 9th, '08, 12:02

Space Samurai is a Cowboy Bebop reference. Every episode they'd sign off with "see you space cowboy," but one episode, due to its particulars, its was "see you space samurai." I liked the sound of it, so I've been using it for years.

I (pause for dramatic effect) have a date. The first one of my new separated/almost divorced life, which means its been years and years since I've had one of these.
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May 9th, '08, 12:02
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by olivierco » May 9th, '08, 12:02

Just my first name and the beginning of my family name.

This morning Yunnan golden tips and now some sencha Kaburagien.

I eventually received my Kirameki shincha (and some Uji Gyokuro Kame-Giru-Shi). I hope to be able to taste it tonight. If not, after the week-end.

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May 9th, '08, 12:15
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by RussianSoul » May 9th, '08, 12:15

Russian Soul is the name of a CD, a complication of classical music by Russian composers. The music collection on this CD is magical. A dear friend gave me this CD for my birthday some years ago and said that it fits my personality. This is my Internet name since, it fits.

Had Assam Mangalam from TeaGcshwendner in the morning, it was delicious. Now have China Yin Zhen (Silver Needle), a sample from the same place, in my cup. Well, nice try on Silver Needle, Herr Gcshwendner, but not quite. It is almost as good as Adagio's and not as good as Rishi's.

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May 9th, '08, 12:22
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by Cinnamon Kitty » May 9th, '08, 12:22

I absolutely adore cats. My parents used to pick on me when I was younger and tell me that I was half cat. I was pretty lucky growing up with my cat obsession since my uncle is a Veterinarian. I used to climb into his large kitten cage to play with them or when we visited him, adopt a kitten for a day. I have two cats of my own, so when I pick online names, "kitty" is always part of it. Cinnamon is the cat pictured in my avatar. My other cat is Pixie, but some how "Pixie Kitty" was taken on another site, forum, IM, or something like that, so I stuck with Cinnamon Kitty.

My tea for today is starting with Oolong #8.

Happy Birthday, Teasweetie!