TUESDAY TeaDay 5/13/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Let's mix it up, do you do any of your own blending, or have a Signature blend?

Yes, I blend some of my own teas
Yes, I have at least one Signature Blend
Yes, I have blended my own and have a Signature Blend
No, I have not blended nor have a Signature Blend
Total votes: 60

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May 13th, '08, 09:38
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by Victoria » May 13th, '08, 09:38

I made an Adagio breakfast blend that I really like. Aside from that I haven't really blended anything.

Wish I was having my breakfast blend this morning rather than this Ceylon from Upton that is well ... bad. I think I need to go brew something else.

Have a nice day everyone!

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May 13th, '08, 09:46
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by Salsero » May 13th, '08, 09:46

I blend my tea with water.

I have only tried one of the signature blends and I have not gotten beyond the point of sniffing it. It reminds me of something nice ...

Is today the day that the newly re-instated Chip is going to be a gentleman and pick up the gauntlet that Henley dropped?

Taiwan oolong, Dong Ding, in my cup. Why do I ever drink anything else. Mmmm.

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May 13th, '08, 09:49
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by henley » May 13th, '08, 09:49

Salsero wrote:Is today the day that the newly re-instated Chip is going to be a gentleman and pick up the gauntlet that Henley dropped?
Actually, Victoria threw down the gauntlet. I just helped kick it over... :twisted:

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May 13th, '08, 09:53
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by RussianSoul » May 13th, '08, 09:53

I am having the first cup of my first session of Shincha Fukamushi Supreme...


Let me describe what I am tasting:

it's like the first day of sunshine and thaw after February storms...

it's like the first spoon of crème brulée after a week of Zen retreat on rice and boiled vegetables...

it's like coming home to your own bed after a business trip and second rate hotels...

It is beautiful, comfortable and supremely satisfying!

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May 13th, '08, 10:04
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by Salsero » May 13th, '08, 10:04

RussianSoul wrote: my first session of Shincha Fukamushi Supreme...
Based on all the comments I have seen so far, I suspect this will be the superstar of the season. It's too bad in a way, because it is the first that most of us have tasted this year.

Thanks for sharing the experience with us so poetically.

I really think the Hashiri is going to be a very different experience, much more lightweight. Preconceptions maybe?

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May 13th, '08, 10:17
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by LavenderPekoe » May 13th, '08, 10:17

Technically I blend my own Moroccan mint a lot of times, so, yeah, I blend.

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May 13th, '08, 10:25
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by auggy » May 13th, '08, 10:25

I voted no on blending, but technically I do blend. I just don't drink the results. The only blending I do is mostly with tea bags and for hubby's iced tea habit. Though come to think of it, I did blend the remaining bits of two green oolongs (I think anxi and tung ting?) when I didn't have enough of either to make a pot but combining the two I had just enough. Since they were similar enough in taste, it worked, but I don't make a habit of it.

This morning was coconut (and will probably be either that or hojicha every morning until my Adagio order comes in as I have nothing else that is a good "morning" tea). Thanks to Chamekke's posts from Sunday (I think), I tried it with a little milk instead of just adding sugar like normal. So good! It made it taste almost creamy. Yum.

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May 13th, '08, 10:27
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by TimeforTea » May 13th, '08, 10:27

The only time I ever blended tea, was when I added peppermint to my chocolate rooibos. I really should experiment more with blending. I have spearmint and lemongrass as well--both good to blend with.

This morning, I brewed my first taste of Oolong #40. It is lovely! It smells like honey and tastes like ripe peaches. Thanks to Ron, Cinnamon Kitty, and others who suggested it.

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May 13th, '08, 11:24
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by jazz88 » May 13th, '08, 11:24

I love blending and I enjoy making signature blends a lot (have made 10 so far). I could compare blending with a musical cord where there is one top note and the other notes that enhance it. As for the taste my favorite are "Red Dragon" and "Taurus" blend.

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May 13th, '08, 11:38
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by Selaphiel » May 13th, '08, 11:38

I never blended and I doubt I ever will. It has to do with my tea philosophy, I`m an extreme purist when it comes to tea so I`m sceptical to blends and flavored tea. It`s the same with whisky, you will never catch me with blended whisky, it is single malt all the way.

It`s Darjeeling Phuguri today as well, been so much black tea lately I`m starting to scare myself a little bit ;) Hopefully my Shincha will arrive in the mail soon, so I can get a bit more varied 2008 tea day.

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May 13th, '08, 11:39
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by xine » May 13th, '08, 11:39

I have several signature blends including the Birthday blend, that we'll be offering on the site year-round and at different sizes. :) I do enjoy blending some teas at home...I find that it can use up some bits and pieces of teas here and there.

I'm having some sub-par yunnan right now. It makes me a bit upset. However, I was given some excellent grade TKY from china, so I think I will make that next. I'm looking forward to some tea-free days, only to be replaced by Pina coladas, as I will be on vacation until Monday. :D

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May 13th, '08, 12:18
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by chamekke » May 13th, '08, 12:18

The closest I've come to "blending" anything was probably to add some extra shredded coconut to my jar of Adagio's Coconut Tea.

So I voted no :wink:
Salsero wrote:Little Piggy has been hiding for some time now due to the thoughtless and inappropriate references some people made to bacon during one of those moments when the moderators’ backs were turned. [...] Well, I was surprised to learn that the dear little porcine has a fan club, even if it consists of only one member, so I have cajoled him into making another appearance in the bright lights. It wasn’t so hard actually, since I was serving this shu and he is a big pu pig.

My oolong yixing teapot has a little pig on it.

Maybe your lonely pu pig can join forces with my oo pig?


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May 13th, '08, 12:28
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by Cinnamon Kitty » May 13th, '08, 12:28

I like blending though I haven't made any Signature Blends yet. I like adding herbs to tea to give it a slightly different flavor. My favorite so far was adding a cinnamon stick to Peach Oolong. I've also done Chocolate Black Tea with Peppermint, a few Rooibos blends, and various herbal mixes. The next ones I plan on trying are vanilla black tea with peppermint and using up some green tea samples to try to recreate the Tazo Zen blend (green tea with spearmint, lemon grass, and lemon verbena).

This morning, I have a mug of Oolong #8 with a touch of lemon grass. I finished off the sample tin of it, but didn't have quite enough leaf so I have to improvise.

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May 13th, '08, 12:55
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by olivierco » May 13th, '08, 12:55

Darjeeling Phuguri FTGFOP1 after dinner. Some shincha later.

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May 13th, '08, 13:00
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by Victoria » May 13th, '08, 13:00

At work now with a lovely cup of Ali Shan High Mountain Oolong. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh much better!

Of this one I have a one ounce sample. Ever notice how small sample sizes seem when you really like something??? :wink: