wednesday TEADAY 5/21/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Are you a first-generation tea drinker?

Yes, essentially
No votes
Total votes: 60

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May 21st, '08, 02:16
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wednesday TEADAY 5/21/08

by Chip » May 21st, '08, 02:16

Yesterday, TeaChatters struggled mightily to answer, "Besides TEA, what other serious food interests do you have?" The number one answer by far was other...mostly indicating it was too hard to choose a single answer. You can still vote and discuss yesterday's topic.

Welcome everyone to another TeaDay, celebrate by brewing some tea and sharing what is in your cup today, all day! Check out what others are drinking as well, that is half the fun of TeaDay. If you need to, you can reflect back on your TeaDay.

Witches Brew brought up a good question. Are you a first generation Tea drinker or do you come from a long line of sippers...or somewhere in between. Share a bit of your family's TeaHistory today...or how you broke the mold.

I am as always looking forward to hearing about everyone's TeaDay, so...bottoms up...refill...repeat.
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May 21st, '08, 02:22
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by PolyhymnianMuse » May 21st, '08, 02:22

I am a first generation tea drinker. I think what drew me into it more than anything was it being healthy and the best alternative to the sugarized water that is just about everything liquid in the united states outside of plain water... Not to mention the great community of people who drink tea :)

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May 21st, '08, 02:50
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by scruffmcgruff » May 21st, '08, 02:50

I'm a first generation tea snob/geek/enthusiast, and it's unrelated to any family tea drinking, but I do have family members who drink tea.

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May 21st, '08, 03:12
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by chamekke » May 21st, '08, 03:12

Both sides of my family have been drinking black tea (always milk, sometimes sugar) for generations, so I said No :wink:

However, my late mother also experimented with tisanes, flavoured teas such as Bigelow's "Constant Comment", and green tea - albeit bagged. She even liked drinking chai when at Indian restaurants, and made real iced tea at home (at a time when everyone else I knew was relying on sugary instant mixes).

Sometimes, if I begin to feel smug and daring because I'm trying out still-more-"exotic" teas, I remember Mom within the context of her generation and life experience, and suspect that maybe I'm not the most adventurous one in my family... quite yet!
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May 21st, '08, 03:16
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by omegapd » May 21st, '08, 03:16

Gotta say No. While most in my family are big coffee drinkers, my mom always had tea bags (usually flavored stuff) that she'd drink from time to time. In fact, she gave me a big box of different tea bags when I went away to college since at the time I wasn't much of a coffee or tea drinker.

Oh, how times change... :)


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May 21st, '08, 03:48
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by bi lew chun » May 21st, '08, 03:48

My ancestors were tea smugglers, so I think not. ;)

Drinking TROT jasmine white tea. Please don't ban me!

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May 21st, '08, 04:06
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by Trey Winston » May 21st, '08, 04:06

My parents and grandparents would drink coffee by the liter, but I remember that we always used to have a box of Lipton Yellow Label in the cupboard. I liked to sip it when I was was sick, but apart from that, I don't come from a tea-drinking home.

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May 21st, '08, 04:36
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by olivierco » May 21st, '08, 04:36

First generation tea drinker, but my mother started to drink tea a year ago. She was curious to taste the tea packages she bought for me at Mariage Frères on her travels to Paris and drinks now and then quality tea.

This morning Keemun.

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May 21st, '08, 04:46
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by Salsero » May 21st, '08, 04:46

Mmm, in my excitement over shincha, I almost forgot about the wonderful, nutty, Chinese greens. Meng Ding Gan Lu here, straight up. Enormous thanks to Dizzwave and his legendary spouse for their technical assistance on this one. It wouldn’t be this nice without their help.


The precious chataku really shines here, bearing the full weight of the big glass and festooned with flowers behind her ear. ¡Muy coqueta!

More pix of Meng Ding Gan Lu in Wikicha: ... eet_Dew%29
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May 21st, '08, 04:46
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by Terrasi » May 21st, '08, 04:46

My mom always drank awful tea bags. I liked those enough to actually get into loose tea though, so I can't blame her.

Before I forget, thank you to everyone who helped me find a less vegetal green tea. I actually had a couple of those recommendations mixed in with samplers I had forgotten to try.

In my cup: Silver needle (I got my brother hooked on this stuff too)

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May 21st, '08, 05:30
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by henley » May 21st, '08, 05:30

First generation here. My parents were BIG coffee drinkers. Imagine them w/a dtr who didn't like coffee... kinda like if my dtr didn't like tea. :cry: However, my mom started asking about tea last year so I got her some sachets, a pretty girly mug, spoon etc for Cmas & she's hooked. Now it's fun being able to share tea w/both my mom & dtr. :D

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May 21st, '08, 05:52
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by BonBon » May 21st, '08, 05:52

For the most part I am first generation. My Mom has always drunk coffee, but my Dad and I won't ever touch the stuff (Love the smell, just hate the taste). So my Dad has always used tea as a substitute, but I'm the first to take it as far as I have now. I actually got him an Adagio white tea sampler he loves, so I'll be having to pick up some more for him soon.

It's 4 AM and I am drinking some Uji Kirameki. For me, it's never too late (or early?) for tea. :P

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May 21st, '08, 06:31
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by augie » May 21st, '08, 06:31

My mother never served iced tea or hot. We had some nasty old tea bags in the back of the cupboard for when one was sick, vomiting, etc . . . LOL I started drinking iced tea during the terible heat wave of '88.

My husband's grandmother was a tea drinker and we have her teapot in the china cabinet. He does have fond memories of drinking tea with his nanna. She took great pride in how many steepings she could squeeze out of a tea bag.

My 6 y.o. loves to drink from my cup and will drain it. Will not take his own cup! My 14 y.o. has refused my offering of tea, until his buddy started raving about McD's sweet tea.

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May 21st, '08, 06:34
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by ThinkingOutLoud » May 21st, '08, 06:34

One of the clearest memories I have of my Mother's Mother is of her making her famous sweet iced tea from Lipton tea bags. My Mom made the same tea for us growing up. She also introduced me to other bagged teas, mainly of the Celestial Seasonings variety. She's a singer and believed in the value of hot tea with lemon and honey as a tonic for a scorched voice. So, no, I'm not a first generation tea drinker by a long shot. :wink:

Citron Green this morning, infused from leaves left in the pot from last night ( :shock: ). Too lazy this morning to do anything major. Will brew something black as soon as this gives me a slight zing.

May 21st, '08, 06:55
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by CanadaBlue » May 21st, '08, 06:55

I said 'Yes' as I don't count awful black tea (in bags) served with milk and sugar to be worthy of being called tea. Drinking quality (loose) tea is like night and day compared to the old stuff. In fact, the memories of the milky tea days kept me from trying 'real' tea for decades.

Right now - coffee in my mug. Apricot green on the agenda for later.