WednesDay TeaDay 5/28/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Do you strive to have more teas open...or less? Anotherwards, do you have too much or too little open currently?

I have way too much open...out of control
I have too much open...but really...I don't have a problem...really I don't
I am just about right where I want to be
I have a few to few open...
No votes
I am in a rut and have way too few open
Total votes: 60

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May 28th, '08, 19:34
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by Victoria » May 28th, '08, 19:34

tenuki wrote:
Victoria wrote: Li Shan Fu Shou for me again this afternoon. I find if I only go 3 mins on the first steep, I can get three good steeps. That's 45 oz for you gongfu -ers. Not bad for a teaspoon of leaf, huh?
I can get at least that out of the same leaf. The only difference is my is overwhelmingly delicious, hot and fresh every single sip. ;P
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! But mine is also overwhelmingly delicious and additionally; full of complexity and unchanging!!!

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May 28th, '08, 21:34
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by augie » May 28th, '08, 21:34

Salsero wrote: EW, I didn't know you also drank Chinese greens! I thought you used to be all about Red Rose. It warms my heart to see you branching out.
Red Rose -- Me? Yes, I am a hippie, but Red Rose? Oh, that hurt Salsero. :cry:

Alright, you've asked for it! :twisted: I am going to go take a picture of my dirty tea stash right now!!!

Red Rose.

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May 28th, '08, 21:40
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by henley » May 28th, '08, 21:40

Would someone please explain to me why even after today's topic I was putting a tea order together this evening? I must be delerious from a loooong day. :?

Crashing now w/a cuppa Wen Mtn Baozhong Oolong.

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May 28th, '08, 22:37
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by Space Samurai » May 28th, '08, 22:37

witches brew wrote:I think I have one open tea too many right now. I really shouldn't have opened two of my three shincha, but I was so curious to compare hashiri with a standard shincha.
I've had that happen. I opened four tins of matcha once, so I could have a chane to compare them all side by side. I figured if the tea lost some of its freshness before I could finish it, I'd just chalk it up to a learning experience.

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May 28th, '08, 22:40
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by tenuki » May 28th, '08, 22:40

Victoria wrote: unchanging!!!
worse curse ever.

Wait, there are only a few of us oolong lovers, we should stick together!! :D

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May 28th, '08, 22:51
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Huge Stash with no apologies

by kymidwife » May 28th, '08, 22:51

I'm on a serious tea exploration, and I have a huge stash building up... I refuse to count them, I refuse to admit to anything, and I am NOT sorry. :twisted:

In my cup today has been jasmine oolong... keemun concerto... moroccan mint... and a sampling of several signature blends for iced tea (LeAnn's Warm Smell of Colitas, yummy... Crancherry Cream, not my favorite... Fuzzier Navel, yummy).

Oh, and I have another order on the way. Life's a journey, not a destination. I make no apologies for my obsessions. :wink:


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May 28th, '08, 23:40
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by Salsero » May 28th, '08, 23:40

augie wrote:Red Rose -- Me? Yes, I am a hippie, but Red Rose? Oh, that hurt Salsero. :cry:
Boy, I am just getting in trouble every time I turn around lately!

Augie, you really confused me for a while there. My post on the first page of today had two parts: the first was addressed to you about puerh and the second was addressed to Omegapd (who signs EW) about Red Rose. Omegapd even responded a little later to the question in the second half of my post. This may be the first time in history that Red Rose and puerh have appeared in the same two inches of space, and you had to be victimized by it. I am so sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you. Mea culpa.

On the other hand, Omegapd really does love Red Rose so it couldn't be so bad. I have never had it, myself.

I didn't know you were a hippie, but I'm happy to learn it and I would never accuse you of drinking Red Rose (at least not now after learning the level of histrionics the accusation provokes in you!)

As for my punishment, please, please show me as many pictures as you can of your tea stash. I love photos of tea and teaware! And I always enjoy your contributions to TeaChat and TeaDay. You are one of the people that makes it feel like home around here!

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May 28th, '08, 23:44
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Re: Huge Stash with no apologies

by Salsero » May 28th, '08, 23:44

kymidwife wrote:I refuse to admit to anything, and I am NOT sorry ... Oh, and I have another order on the way. Life's a journey, not a destination. I make no apologies for my obsessions.
Sarah, you and CynTEAa need to start a group therapy thread on this site, ASAP. There are a lot of us who need help, Stat.

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May 28th, '08, 23:54
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by joelbct » May 28th, '08, 23:54

I said I'm about where I want to be. Open now:

25 Types of tea, down from about 40 after my last bigger order cycle.
3 Matcha, 5 sencha, and the rest are mostly blacks or chinese green. Only perhaps 12 of those 25 are in my regular rotation, the others may get tossed or saved as emergency reserves.

I have 3 orders on the way as well, 2 more types of Shincha (an Uji from Ippodo and a Shizuoka from Ito En), 2 types of Matcha, 1/4 lb of a great Chinese Black, and abt 8 First Flush Darjeeling samples.

And I am grateful each day for being able to experience and appreciate Great Tea!

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May 28th, '08, 23:55
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by Chip » May 28th, '08, 23:55

Very interesting reading on TeaDay today.

A generalization I have noticed and I stress it is a generalization. Newbies tend to want to try everything in sight...and not somewhere down the NOW.

I say this also from my own experience...I used to have around 100 teas open. Not that I am a veteren or some kind of tea master, but based on the poll a few months ago, I am way near the top when it comes to years drinking tea seriously amoung TeaChatters.

For me, since my focus is green tea, less is best. I am always striving to have fewer open and when I get a little too many open, I whittle it back down.

I am much less concerned about how many oolong, blacks and pu-erh I have open.

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May 29th, '08, 08:39
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by LavenderPekoe » May 29th, '08, 08:39

Chip wrote:I am much less concerned about how many oolong, blacks and pu-erh I have open.
I think this is part of the key. I am not a green tea drinker and only have one green open. Therefore, I don't worry so much about the number of teas I have. This also feeds my love of variety (which sometimes directly conflicts with my need for organization and minimalism, but that is probably a story for a shrink).