Saturday's TeaDay 6/14/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

JoGrebe has a morbid question. How much teaware have you managed to break in your TeaCareer?

ZERO, knock on bamboo
1 piece
2 pieces
3 pieces
4 pieces
5 pieces
No votes
6 pieces
No votes
7 pieces
No votes
Total votes: 53

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Jun 14th, '08, 03:58
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Saturday's TeaDay 6/14/08

by Chip » Jun 14th, '08, 03:58

Yesterday's poll revealed there is not a very strong TeaChat commitment to organic teas. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome fellow TeaChatters, shall we brew and share what we are sipping, slurping, and gulping today? All day? You can also reflect back on your TeaDay if you need to.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is on the tragic side. JoGrebe asks how much tea ware we have broken in our TeaCareers. So 'fess up, who broke their teaware. What did you do with it afterwards? Have you told anyone?

I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone, so, bottoms up, refill, repeat may times...
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Jun 14th, '08, 04:03
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by Space Samurai » Jun 14th, '08, 04:03

I aint sayin'. Cos as soon as I say "zero," something horrible will happen.

One of my wife's cats did knock over and break a chawan once, and I put a scratch in a tea table transportin it to a tea class once.

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Jun 14th, '08, 04:20
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by chrl42 » Jun 14th, '08, 04:20

4 pieces, all of em are yixing.
One of em, I super-glued the lid and still am using it.

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Jun 14th, '08, 05:23
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Puerh cakes are so cool!

by Salsero » Jun 14th, '08, 05:23

I love puerh cakes and puerh wrappers! Handling them and looking at them is half the fun of puerh.
  • Actually, in a few cases it’s all the fun! Image
Pictured is a 2007 cake called Mu Ye Chun 001, made with leaves from Yongde, and manufactured by the Mengku Tea Factory. The actual brew in the glass is a Spring 2005 cake called Lao Ban Zhan, also called “Double Happiness” and made by San Ho Tang under the Xi Zhi Hao brand. I think I got all that right!

As much as I love the cakes and the wrappers, I hate the complicated Chinese names. So confusing, and no upside.

<<So sorry, no clickie today.>>

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Jun 14th, '08, 05:55
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by olivierco » Jun 14th, '08, 05:55

So far, only one a little bodum teapot that I wasn't using anyway.

This morning silver needles with my breakfast and in a few minutes houjicha with my lunch.

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Jun 14th, '08, 08:01
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by jogrebe » Jun 14th, '08, 08:01

Two of my pieces have been broken so far but only one of them was really my fault. During college I dropped a ceramic teapot lid in the dorm kitchen when doing dishes. A few months ago my set of 4 green 100mL became a set of 3 after a family member knocked something off of a shelf that landed on top of it and broke it.

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Jun 14th, '08, 08:26
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by omegapd » Jun 14th, '08, 08:26

jogrebe wrote: after a family member knocked something off of a shelf that landed on top of it and broke it.
Exactly what happened to me and an antique brown betty teapot I had, but I couldn't blame it on a family member. :oops: I think the culprit was a can of corn that came crashing down on top of it. I sure wish I still had it, but after it bit the dust, I splurged on what has become my favorite Yixing set now...

On my 2nd steep this morning of Adagio Jasmine Oolong. I really like the scented teas like this. Whodathunkit?


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Jun 14th, '08, 08:39
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by henley » Jun 14th, '08, 08:39

I've broken 2 porcelain spoons that had to be trashed. :( Then there's my poor vintage sugar bowl that lives on the kitchen counter. I've broken the lid 3 times but thankfully been able to glue it back together.

W/bfast this morning was my usual combo of Oolong #8 & OBO. Spent part of my bday money on a tea order last night so should have lots of variety coming soon! :D

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Jun 14th, '08, 08:45
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by olivierco » Jun 14th, '08, 08:45

Darjeeling Puttabong SFTGFOP1, 2007 harvest (one more session left in the package).

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Jun 14th, '08, 08:45
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by Eastree » Jun 14th, '08, 08:45

So far I've broken three.

If we run the same poll in another few months, I may have to revise this number.

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Jun 14th, '08, 09:08
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by Sydney » Jun 14th, '08, 09:08

I hesitated to click 'zero' and jinx myself, but the simple fact is that my main tea prep objects are the seemingly indestructible kyusu from Den's.

They take a ridiculous amount of abuse!

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Jun 14th, '08, 09:15
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by CynTEAa » Jun 14th, '08, 09:15

Didn't vote b/c I just don't want to count them. :(

Broke one of Adagio's just last week at a tea event! Now I'm nervous for my newest addition not yet delivered. :oops:

Yunnan Gold to start today. Have some stuff from Japan to sample in a little while.

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Jun 14th, '08, 09:36
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by Ladytiger » Jun 14th, '08, 09:36

I've broken one far. It was a glass teapot that I friend bought for me for christmas. I guess it was colder than I thought it was in the kitchen so when I introduced the hot water to the teapot it cracked. :cry: Now as soon as the adagio tea cups and saucers come instock I'm ordering those and the personalitea.
Nothing so far, porbably going to have some green tea to impress my sister's friend who does japanese martial arts, no not kyate or anything like that but the roots of were the came from, I forget what it's called.

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Jun 14th, '08, 09:45
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by Sydney » Jun 14th, '08, 09:45

Oh, and since this is TeaDay, I guess I'll mention that I'm drinking 2007 "5th International Aged Puerh Appreciation" Memorial Dragon Cake at the moment.

Goes well with maple sausage.

Jun 14th, '08, 09:52
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by Beanbean » Jun 14th, '08, 09:52

I seem to be pretty good at dropping mugs onto the spouts of my teapots. :shock: :( I have chipped two teapots (still useable for just me) and shattered one pot. Other than that, I'm good!

The kettle is just coming to a boil for my first pot of tea...probably Golden Monkey.