Friday TeaRoom 7/25/08 Favorite book/movie combo?

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Sit around the TeaTable in our TeaRoom and discuss. My favorite book made into movie combo?

The movie hit a bullseye and/or was great
The movie was very good and/or pretty much on target
The movie was ok
The movie was not so good and/or failed to hit the target
The movie was a complete flop
Total votes: 35

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Jul 25th, '08, 00:21
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Friday TeaRoom 7/25/08 Favorite book/movie combo?

by Chip » Jul 25th, '08, 00:21

Yesterday, most teaChatters indicated they had...or would like to try...cold tea brewing. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome everyone. Today is a TeaRoom, let's brew and share what is in our cups today...all day!

Today...think of this more as a TeaRoom discussion than a discussion about tea. Just a fun topic I hope. Regarding your favorite book that was made into a movie. Please identify the book/movie if you want! Then,how did they do? On target? A hit? Off target? A bust? Today, be a critic of something besides TEA! :D Have fun!!!

TeaFriends, I will see you on TeaDay today, I hope. Brew on.
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Jul 25th, '08, 01:01
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by chrl42 » Jul 25th, '08, 01:01

One of my favorite book is High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.

Movie made into was not great as I expected, Jack Black was perfect nonetheless.

Jul 25th, '08, 01:08
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by Pentox » Jul 25th, '08, 01:08

Don't really have one.

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Jul 25th, '08, 01:38
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by Chip » Jul 25th, '08, 01:38

I grew up reading The Lord of the Rings. I always knew this could be a great movie. I only waited 20 years for the movie version. It would have been impossible to follow the trilogy to a T...unless there were 6-9 movies in the franchise. Peter Jackson did a pretty good job. It would have been hard to do a better job. I thought it was endearing and loved it.

Finishing sipping on latter steeps of Shincha Sencha Traditional. Finished this bag off today. NOW I must open something!!!!! Wooohooo....

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Jul 25th, '08, 01:40
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by Space Samurai » Jul 25th, '08, 01:40

Fight Club

I wouldn't call it my favorite book, but Palahnuik is one of my favorite writers, and the screenplay was an improvement on the book. On the special edition DVD, there's a delightful commentary with Palahnuik and the screen writer, Jim Uhls.

Lord of the Rings, anyone? (edit: oh, Chip got to it while I was writing this).
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Jul 25th, '08, 01:43
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by Beanbean » Jul 25th, '08, 01:43

One of my favorite novels of all time is "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry. Rounding out my favorite top three novels are "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte and "One Thousand Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Go figure.

Anyhow, though the movie version of "Lonesome Dove" was a made-for-tv production, the casting of Robert Duval and Tommy Lee Jones as McCrae and Call respectively was inspired. I think the makers of the movie did a fine job.

Since it is still Thursday here in the Rocky Mountain West and I should, by all rights, be asleep, I'm not drinking tea. I'll check in in the morning.

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Jul 25th, '08, 01:49
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by olivierco » Jul 25th, '08, 01:49

Well, I got a note from the Florida Troopers that Salambo was sighted in Florida hightailing it for Gainesville and his computer. Bad news, everyone. He’s almost back. Just pretend like you didn’t notice that he was gone. Maybe he’ll leave again.

Anyway, after a whole week of digging around in that slob’s files, this is the only decent photo I’ve come up with so far, and that’s only because the cup is so nice. Salambo couldn’t even get the pot in focus. Loser!

The cup is called Choju Kiji Chawan and those birds are supposed to be pheasants, but they don’t look like any pheasants I ever shot.


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Jul 25th, '08, 02:20
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by omegapd » Jul 25th, '08, 02:20

I don't think any of my favorite books have been made into movies. I'm not much of a movie person, though. I get bored way too fast...give me ESPN, The History Channel or A&E any day.

This morning will be FLT's House Black- a very nice, almost affordable, Yunnan style black. :D


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Jul 25th, '08, 02:26
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by olivierco » Jul 25th, '08, 02:26

Berlin Alexanderplatz (Alfred Döblin) is one of my favorite novel. The 1931 adaptation (Jutzi) is a great although lacking some depth (as it is quite always the case with adaptation). I didn't like the 1980 adaptation from Fassbinder but I saw it a long time ago.

This morning Keemun.

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Jul 25th, '08, 02:35
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by bi lew chun » Jul 25th, '08, 02:35

Perhaps Graham Greene's The Quiet American (2002), although I think the novel was originally written with the screen in mind. I'd be ecstatic to see it usurped by the forthcoming Blood Meridian, as I liked that book quite a bit more.

A good example of a movie that, despite a worthy effort, didn't measure up to the book at all is Battle Royale.

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Jul 25th, '08, 02:47
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by doyoulovedee » Jul 25th, '08, 02:47

star wars... way better in book form.

and i didn't know battle royale was a book. i need to pick that up.
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Jul 25th, '08, 03:01
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by chamekke » Jul 25th, '08, 03:01

My favourite book/movie combination has to be:

Housekeeping (the book by Marilynne Robinson)
Housekeeping (the film by director Bill Forsyth)

Sadly, the film - which was extraordinarily faithful to the book - has still not been released on DVD. I have been praying to Santa for several years now...

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Jul 25th, '08, 07:46
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by brandon » Jul 25th, '08, 07:46

Option 2 for the HBO mini-series adaptation of McCollough's John Adams biography.

I realized this is supposed to be favorite book of all time, not recent, but I am not really into novels.

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Jul 25th, '08, 08:13
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by Aphroditea » Jul 25th, '08, 08:13

Okay that poll was a leeeeetle tooooooo thinky for me this morning. I couldn't really pin down a favorite book that was made into a movie. But, then I am pretty sure that once I had pinned down whatever my favorite book (of all time) was it had probably not been made into a movie, so I went with books I really liked.

I thought of LotR and Contact. And I liked what they did with both movies. My criteria for book to movie is that, knowing that changes will HAVE to be made, were the changes made with a lot of thought and an understanding of the the story as a whole. With LotR I thought the changes they made were fantastically well considered. With Contact, Sagan himself opted to change the focus the movie took in a direction different from the book, and who can fault Sagan? (whom one of my nephews is named after, btw).

So there it is!

In my cup: tester cup of new tea line! Serenitea: Badger!! (firstly, I am SO excited for this tea line and that it is going to help the Browncoats and charities they support - and saddened that I will not make it to Dragon Con for the unveiling).

Anyway - as it has been about a year since I last had Earl Grey tea (and this tea is 40% EG, it did take a few sips to get used to it). But, once I did I very much liked it and so am glad it will be in the line.

I had Serenitea: Kaylee last night and LOVED LOVED LOVED it (but it is right up my tea alley!)

In a bit I will be having Serenitea: Simon (which smells devine and I am excited to try it)

First day of vertigo therapy today!!! (For those keeping track) I will put an update in my intro thread at some point.


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Jul 25th, '08, 08:38
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by Riene » Jul 25th, '08, 08:38

Aphroditea--What does vertigo therapy consist or? Is that when one is tilted into various positions to let the inner ear adjust itself?

No tea yet this morning...fed the cats and needed to depart the room for a few minutes while they ate their canned mouse or whatever. :?

Hmmm....Golden Monkey, Assam, Irish Breakfast, PGTips, Yorkshire...what to choose, what to choose?