Saturday 8/09/08 China's most famous tea, Long Jing

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China's most famous tea, green Long Jing, aka Lung Ching, Dragon Well. Have you had it, do you like it, where does it rank on your list of faves?

It is my favorite tea
No votes
It is a top 10 tea for me
I like it
I do not like it
I never had it
Total votes: 48

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Aug 9th, '08, 03:30
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Saturday 8/09/08 China's most famous tea, Long Jing

by Chip » Aug 9th, '08, 03:30

Yesterday, most TeaChatters indicated they were not planning on watching the Olympic Opening Cermonies last night. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome all fellow TeaChatters to TeaDay. Time to brew and share what is in our cups today, all day.

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is about one of China's 10 most famous teas.

China's 10 most famous teas

Green Long Jing, Lung Ching, Dragon Well always tops the list. Have you had it, do you love it, like it, can live without it. Where does it rank on your personal list of favorite teas.

I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up.
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Aug 9th, '08, 03:36
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Assam Mokalbari Estate, Second Flush, SFTGFOP1

by Salsero » Aug 9th, '08, 03:36

Thanks, RussianSoul.


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Aug 9th, '08, 05:25
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by Jack_teachat » Aug 9th, '08, 05:25

oh wow how relevant!....

I'm so excited as I have 50g of both Long Jing and Yunnan Gold on order from Jing(uk)! This will be my first proper experience with Chinese tea, and hopefully not my last! I have also ordered a 250ml glass gong fu pot and two 80ml double walled glass tumblers to enjoy them with! ... s-cup-80ml

No tea for me as of yet but I have some iced sencha on the go.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jack :D

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Aug 9th, '08, 05:42
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by Trioxin » Aug 9th, '08, 05:42

Nothing special in my eyes.

Currently drinking Thurbo Estates Tippy Clonal FF Darjeeling out of my brand new cups which I'm too damned lazy to photograph.

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Aug 9th, '08, 07:19
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by chrl42 » Aug 9th, '08, 07:19

I have to admit, Long Jing is not my favorite green tea. For unknown reason, Long Jing's strong aroma and flavor just turned me off. LJ and Meo Feng are my least favorite.

My favorite is Lu Shan Yun Wu and Zhu Ye Qing.

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Aug 9th, '08, 07:29
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by omegapd » Aug 9th, '08, 07:29

Never intentionally tried it. :wink:

Upton's Pu Classic this morning- left over from last night. I took Salsero's advice about keeping the leaves in the fridge and don't see where that changed anything. Still good.

Oh remember a week ago when I said I was done ordering new stuff? I just had to try some things from Pu-erh Shop last night. :oops: Will it ever end?

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Aug 9th, '08, 07:43
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by Jack_teachat » Aug 9th, '08, 07:43

omegapd wrote: :oops: Will it ever end?
No mwhahahahaha!

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Aug 9th, '08, 09:13
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by augie » Aug 9th, '08, 09:13

omegapd wrote: Oh remember a week ago when I said I was done ordering new stuff? I just had to try some things from Pu-erh Shop last night. :oops: Will it ever end?
You've got a monkey on your back, his name is Pu . . . Resistance is futile.

I am doing some genealogy homework today. I recently found out my great grandparents lived in Indianapolis for 6 years! So I am in search of a large brick church on the east side.

Love Dragonwell. I have even given Adagio tea bag Dragonwell as a gift to a child's teacher who was really into tea (Tazo). And a former classmate who is a lifelong Lipton drinker. It's a good tea to give someone who doesn't think they like tea.

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Aug 9th, '08, 09:20
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by Riene » Aug 9th, '08, 09:20

I voted "other." You need another option for "eh." I've had it, it was ok, didn't like or dislike it, won't go out of my way to buy it but wouldn't avoid drinking it either.

Aug 9th, '08, 09:25
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by Proinsias » Aug 9th, '08, 09:25

I do enjoy a nice long jing. I went with 'I like it' as a top ten of teas could be a bit of challenge for me.

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Aug 9th, '08, 09:51
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by witches brew » Aug 9th, '08, 09:51

I've tried Long Jing, but didn't like it well enough to keep it in my collection.

Another tea shop, another time, maybe I would like it.

I was sorting through my teas this morning, trying to see what I need for new storage tins. Also trying to use up small samples. I have too much tea :shock:

I am drinking a cup of Ito En's Iron Buddha. I had remembered it as something I didn't like, but today it's quite pleasant.

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Aug 9th, '08, 10:02
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by Trey Winston » Aug 9th, '08, 10:02

Dragon Well is probably my favorite green. I like its strength and nuttiness.

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Aug 9th, '08, 10:15
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by shogun89 » Aug 9th, '08, 10:15

Salsero nice cup, I have the same one that we use a juice glasses.

Yes I like Long Jing, I drink it when I'm just in the mood for something light and refreshing. I usually have it right before bed because it helps put me to sleep.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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Aug 9th, '08, 10:51
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by edkrueger » Aug 9th, '08, 10:51

I think Long Jing is a great tea. Its my favorite green tea. That said, there are a lot of awful long Jings on the market.

My favorite is Ten Tea's Birds tongue [its at least LJ style, oddly its absolutely nothing like Sparrow's Tongue.

My second is West Lake I get at Jade Leaves an austin teashop [with online shipping].

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Aug 9th, '08, 11:10
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Re: Assam Mokalbari Estate, Second Flush, SFTGFOP1

by chamekke » Aug 9th, '08, 11:10

Salsero wrote:Image
Well, that is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, even for Salsero. {applause}

I've been enjoying Dragonwell for a while now, but I didn't know its Chinese name. Ha! So much to learn. Is there a concordance where I can look these things up?