Wednesday TeaDay 8/20/08 TeaShopping currently?

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

Are you actively shopping online for TEA at this time?

Yes, currently
Thinking about starting an order(s)
Not really, but not eliminating the possibility
No, definitely not
Total votes: 54

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Aug 20th, '08, 01:12
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Wednesday TeaDay 8/20/08 TeaShopping currently?

by Chip » Aug 20th, '08, 01:12

I think yesterday's poll was too confusing to even mention :oops: , but you can still vote and discuss it.

Welcome TeaChatters to TeaDay. You are all invited to brew some tea and share what is in your cup today, all day, of course. :idea:

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic can be a touchy subject ... on the wallet. Are you actively shopping for TEA at this time? Yes, no, always, maybe, ACK ... definitely not? If yes, what are you shopping for, and care to share where?

As always, I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up!

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Aug 20th, '08, 01:24
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by Space Samurai » Aug 20th, '08, 01:24

My ordering has decreased quite a bit. I used to place 2-4 orders a months, but now I only order once every month or two. When I do order, its to replace a staple (sencha, TGY, dian hong). Less sampling and branching out right now.

Aug 20th, '08, 01:59
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by Pentox » Aug 20th, '08, 01:59

I'm always on the hunt for something. Even if it's just another sencha, i'm looking for somewhere I haven't tried, a new shop, a new breed, something.

Unfortunately my wallet doesn't seem to like this too much.

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Aug 20th, '08, 02:00
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Sencha: It’s why God made green

by Salsero » Aug 20th, '08, 02:00


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Aug 20th, '08, 02:27
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by bronzebed » Aug 20th, '08, 02:27

i've only purchased teas online once or twice but i'd really like to start online shopping. that would really expand my selection. i've pretty much existed with going to a number of tea stores and tea rooms. anytime i travel, i always make sure to include at least one tea room into my journey. anytime someone mentions an online store in this forum, i save the link. so, i have quite a nice selection of places to purchase from.

nd: pouchong special. love that tea. mmmmmm

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Aug 20th, '08, 03:23
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by omegapd » Aug 20th, '08, 03:23

I'm expecting three packages of Pu-erh soon, so no, I'm not shopping at this time. :wink:

Last week was a different story, though.

Finishing up a sample of 2006 Changtai Banna Toucha tonight at work. Pretty good stuff, but probably not good enough to order again.


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Aug 20th, '08, 03:30
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by Trioxin » Aug 20th, '08, 03:30

I'm always searching for new teas. I don't think a day goes by that I don't look at teas online.

Currently drinking an iced temple of heaven gunpowder

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Aug 20th, '08, 06:46
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by Selaphiel » Aug 20th, '08, 06:46

I'm currently browsing for new Gyokuro. Decided to buy more Yume no ukihashi, but want to try a new one as well. But other than that I'm not buying any tea at the moment, thinking about limiting and specializing my tea collection to the different Japanese greens and some Oolong teas. I feel that I'm spread out all over spectrum at the moment.
So I've changed my avatar from the symbol for tea to the Uji flag :D

Gonna go prepare some Shincha Kirameki now.

Aug 20th, '08, 08:03
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by Beanbean » Aug 20th, '08, 08:03

Not really shopping as I just received a large shipment of Ceylon and Assam, but you never know! I might be enticed by something.

It will be Ceylon in my cup this morning.

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Aug 20th, '08, 09:03
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by olivierco » Aug 20th, '08, 09:03

No shopping right now. I don't order much tea during summer because I don't like the packages staying in my mailbox one day or two at 40°C or more.
I have many teapackages in my fridge or on my shelves so I guess my next order will be at least in a month.

Houjicha with my lunch.

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Aug 20th, '08, 09:29
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by Victoria » Aug 20th, '08, 09:29

No, definitely not. I am maxed out. Trying to stay away from tea sites and teaware - (yeah right!)

Yunnan Gold in my cup this morning.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Aug 20th, '08, 09:29
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by augie » Aug 20th, '08, 09:29

Always formulating an order in my head! The problem is that it changes every time I read an interesting post.

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Aug 20th, '08, 09:30
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by shogun89 » Aug 20th, '08, 09:30

I am absolutely always looking at tea to buy. I am currently making an order from Dragon Tea House and Yunnan Sourcing.

Have a good day all.

Oh and I am currently waiting on a cake from Dragon Tea House now.
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Aug 20th, '08, 09:46
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by witches brew » Aug 20th, '08, 09:46

I'm not shopping online at the moment, but may pop into my local tea purveyor in the next few weeks. I need genmaicha, but am waiting for a new shipment.

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Aug 20th, '08, 10:08
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by Dr. Eel » Aug 20th, '08, 10:08

Ha, i just placed an order from o-cha yesterday. Generally, i'll shop when i come close to running out of a certain type of tea which is, maybe, once a month.