Thursday TeaDay 8/28/08 Tea and the common cold?

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Do you believe tea can help prevent or suppress common illness such as colds and sinus infections?

In my personal experience, yes
Yes I believe so
Not likely IMHO
Definitely not
No votes
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Total votes: 61

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Aug 28th, '08, 03:07
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Thursday TeaDay 8/28/08 Tea and the common cold?

by Chip » Aug 28th, '08, 03:07

Yesterday, a slight majority of TeaChatters indicated that they believed tea did not act as an appetite suppressant. You can still vote and discuss this topic.

Welcome everyone to TeaDay. I hope you can stick around and share your cup of tea with us today, all day. Let's brew!

Today's TeaPoll and discussion topic is continuing along the tea and health route started yesterday. Do you believe either through personal experience or opinion that tea can reduce the occurrence of common illnesses such as colds and sinus infections. Please share.

I am looking forward to sharing TeaDay with everyone. Bottoms up!

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Aug 28th, '08, 04:03
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by Trey Winston » Aug 28th, '08, 04:03

Nah, I think it's unlikely to help, although a strong cup of black tea can momentarily soothe a sore throat.

Speaking of black tea, I'm currently enjoying a pot of Xtine's blend "Birthday Tea", which is very good indeed. Smooth and fun. (It's not my birthday, but according to my statistical analysis, chances are that somewhere in the world, someone may well be celebrating a birthday this week.)

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Aug 28th, '08, 04:46
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by omegapd » Aug 28th, '08, 04:46

I think there's a lot of good things in tea, and hopefully the cancer fighting properties are working, but for personal experiences...nah, I get sick a couple of times a year when the weather changes and tea hasn't stopped that yet.

Pu-erh Shop's mini bricks this morning at work. Good stuff...


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Aug 28th, '08, 04:46
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Koten Fuukeiga Chawan, Day 2

by Salsero » Aug 28th, '08, 04:46

Same cup, reverse view today. This time the tea is 2005 Menghai 0532 Ripe Pu-erh. The dark tea seems to go as well with the cup as yesterday’s more conventional pairing with sencha. Even the black saucer strikes a nice contrast. On the back we see two sail boats with a mountain or an island in between.

Thanks, Chamekke, for pointing out the spelling error and the translation as “classical landscape painting” or “ancient vistas” or something to that effect.

Some anonymous designer brought skill and thought to detail: in this photo, you can just make out the series of ridges running around the circumference of the cup stacked from the bottom to the top, sort of like a pile of tires. Think Michelin tire guy. Well, that little feature makes it easier and more pleasant to hold in your hand, providing a tactile sensation to accompany the visual. Between the nice feel and the muted tones, this cup is worth handling empty. Fill it with tea and it enhances the performance of the tea without upstaging it.


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Aug 28th, '08, 06:04
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by olivierco » Aug 28th, '08, 06:04

A very nice cup indeed :wink:
Do you believe either through personal experience or opinion that tea can reduce the occurrence of common illnesses such as colds and sinus infections.
I don't think so.

This morning Yunnan golden tips and now houjicha with my lunch.

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Aug 28th, '08, 06:18
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by augie » Aug 28th, '08, 06:18

Another great photo, Salsero.

Tea does help. However, the best "remedy" I found someone posted earlier this spring. I appologize for forgetting and being to lazy to go back and quote the source. 10-15 slices of FRESH, peeled ginger steeped in boiling water for 5 minutes with a little honey. Maybe just coincidence, but I staved off a nasty cold overnight after drinking several cups.

Have a great day.

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Aug 28th, '08, 07:51
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by Sydney » Aug 28th, '08, 07:51

Making tea reduces my exposure to all the stuff touched by unclean hands in the office coffee room, so if only for that reason....

I voted 'maybe'.

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Aug 28th, '08, 08:29
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by greenisgood » Aug 28th, '08, 08:29

I get sick WAY less often now that I drink tea a lot. I don't know exactly why. But probably because I "flush myself out" so much.

Aug 28th, '08, 08:41
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by soapy » Aug 28th, '08, 08:41

I have increased my tea drinking drastically over the past couple years now but still have issues with my sinus's, chronic sinusitis, infections, 2 past surgeries and an upcoming one a week from today......a last resort surgery

but my husband gets a couple colds a year and thats the only time he drinks tea (it helps he says)

I haven't made any tea yet, water boiling......

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Aug 28th, '08, 08:48
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by RussianSoul » Aug 28th, '08, 08:48

greenisgood wrote:I get sick WAY less often now that I drink tea a lot. I don't know exactly why. But probably because I "flush myself out" so much.
It's the same for me. I find myself sick a lot less. Also the healing for various cuts, bruises and even a minor surgery is going noticeably faster. I am doing nothing different from before, except drinking tea a lot.

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Aug 28th, '08, 09:01
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by CynTEAa » Aug 28th, '08, 09:01

It might be in my mind, but it seems as if I boost my intake early enough in the catching a cootie phase, tea can help. More so with green teas. I've been told it's vitamin C, but I know it could be other nutrients or simply staying hydrated- I don't know. There are probably contributing factors but since stepping up to the better quality teas, the duration and severity of colds and things seem to have improved for me. I'd say more, but then I'd have to knock on wood. :)

The mighty Yunnan Gold starts me off for another day. I'm hoping for a super sencha tasting this afternoon. En garde, cooties!

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Aug 28th, '08, 09:22
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by Selaphiel » Aug 28th, '08, 09:22

I really have no idea if tea helps against colds or sinus infections, there are researches who thing the EGCG catehcin in green tea helps protect cells against the influenza viruses ( ... s--5389-1/. One may hope they are correct :D I voted maybe.

Having some Yutaka Midori now.

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Aug 28th, '08, 09:39
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by Smari » Aug 28th, '08, 09:39

Maybe it does help with colds but I haven't had colds for the past 5-7 years to try to experiment with tea and discover its effects. I can certainly say that it doesn't help with my allergies at all- which has been kicking my butt for this whole week :( Maybe I'm just not drinking the right stuff.

Found me an unmarked tin this morning. Smelled like Jasmine Oolong, tasted like Jasmine oolong, so I must've had me Jasmine Oolong this morning then hehe.

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Aug 28th, '08, 09:56
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by auggy » Aug 28th, '08, 09:56

Sal, still love the cup. I spent some of yesterday drooling over a few cups at the site you got it at but the cup they have there now is the same color/design but the shape is different - it has an out-turned lip. Still very pretty, but yours is prettier. :D

I voted yes... In the past 9 years, I have gotten a cold in either November or February that turned into either a sinus infection or bronchitis . At one point earlier this year, I started getting a cold but for the first time in almost a decade, I did not get a sinus infection (though it was really close!) or bronchitis. The only difference between this year and previous years is my tea intake which I had even stepped up when I felt I the cold coming on. So in my world, yes, tea totally helps. (Which is good because I'm allergic to 7 of the main antibiotics so it's always an adventure finding something I can take and hoping I don't react to it. Anything that keeps me away from antibiotics is good!)

Also, I've found that when I drink oolong, my skin looks better - I glow. Image

Blend of mint and vanilla this morning.

Have a good one, all!

Aug 28th, '08, 10:03
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by Beanbean » Aug 28th, '08, 10:03

Well, I certainly don't think that drinking tea hurts and if antioxidants help to build and strengthen cell structure, it stands to reason that one would be more resistant to colds. It might help to lessen the severity, at any rate.

I'm getting ready to brew some Mark T. Wendell Irish Breakfast.