jpo1933: Maekawa Junzo kyusu 120ml

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Aug 8th, '17, 23:51
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jpo1933: Maekawa Junzo kyusu 120ml

by jpo1933 » Aug 8th, '17, 23:51

Back again with another kyusu for sale :D
Been meaning to let this one go earlier and replace it with something (been eyeing a particular potters work recently!) but for some reason I've just led it sit on my desk collecting dust.
I've found the kobiwako clay to be versatile, from everything to roasted oolongs to sencha, it seems to improve both body and aftertaste. One of the more versatile clay I've used(probably the most versatile just looking at other hojo clays).

Quick pouring and in practically new condition,
Looking for 110+Shipping
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