Gisui Natsume(eggplant) kyusu(140ml)

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Dec 4th, '17, 02:02
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Gisui Natsume(eggplant) kyusu(140ml)

by jpo1933 » Dec 4th, '17, 02:02

I always feel like I'm going to regret letting a pot go when I decide to put one up for sale (and with this one I definitely feel that way) but now that I've gotten a hang of what I like using regularly, this one unfortunately just never gets much actual use.
Owned for maybe 2-3 years and only occasionally used with brewing sencha.
Made from old natural shudei clay.
Pairs well with teas you'd like to get more body from without the muting effects you get with reduction fired or pots made from zini.
Makes a great christmas gift! :mrgreen:
150+ shipping
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Mar 27th, '18, 11:08
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Re: Gisui Natsume(eggplant) kyusu(140ml)

by iamlost » Mar 27th, '18, 11:08

Hi i'm interested. Can you pm me details? Thanks.

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