"Red Jade" White Tea

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Jan 22nd, '18, 10:29
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"Red Jade" White Tea

by abnyc » Jan 22nd, '18, 10:29

I have about 96g of this (https://www.taiwanteacrafts.com/product ... -white-tea) unusual white tea, made with Red Jade (TRES #18) varietal leaves. It's a solid, moderately priced, interesting tea. The vendor says that it is fully handmade, which is obviously simpler for a white. I overpurchased thinking I would love it, but it's just not for me. It's intensely savory/umami, with a thick mouthfeel, and retains that "menthol" flavor that characterizes the red tea made from this cultivar. Something tells me this would appeal to many green tea aficionados.

Would anyone like to trade it for something moderately priced but good quality that they don't see themselves drinking? I'd hate to see it go to waste! I'm a fan of oolongs, reds, and (usually) whites, but am open to suggestions.

Jan 24th, '18, 19:28
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Re: "Red Jade" White Tea

by wei301 » Jan 24th, '18, 19:28

I liked this tea very much after trying a sample, then bought a kilo! (plan to age some and see if it changes to better or worse.) :D

Jan 25th, '18, 21:24
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Re: "Red Jade" White Tea

by abnyc » Jan 25th, '18, 21:24

It's totally a good tea, just not to my taste. Anyone want it?

Jan 30th, '18, 12:09
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Re: "Red Jade" White Tea

by mael » Jan 30th, '18, 12:09


Would you be interested for trading with the two following teas from chawang shop :

2012 Fujian Zhenghe Shoymei white tea (about 70gr)
https://www.chawangshop.com/green-tea/ ... -100g.html


2015 Fujian Wuyi Lao Shu Hong Cha (about 45gr)

(i don't find it on their product range)

+ few samples of some interesting teas (superb korean balhyocha, nice taiwanese rock tea)

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