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Re: Hannah: WANTED! Small kyusu!

by Running for Tea » Mar 6th, '13, 14:30

tenuki wrote:Just make sure you are very clear about the characteristics you want in a pot - filter type, size, etc - and they will help guide you to what you want, sometimes it's not even in the catalog - I got my larger Kyusu through that process - basically said I wanted a particular size and filter that looked like a certain one in the catalog that was too large and I ended up with something better than anything in the catalog - exactly what I wanted. They are pretty helpful in my experience. It's a bit weird to follow that process after being used to buying online with a couple of clicks like most estores, but it works just fine. Also ask about shipping options, there is a big difference in cost usually.
I just sent out my email to them! I'm excited to hear back. I took your advice and inquired about a pot in the catelog that much larger than I would ever need. Hopefully, they have a pot in the size I want that is of a smiliar style.