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May 29th, '13, 16:25
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bambooforest Offer: Pre-Ming Organic Long Jing

by bambooforest » May 29th, '13, 16:25


I have an unopened bag of 100 grams of high quality organic Ming Qian (Pre-ming) long jing that I want to trade for some Japanese green tea. It was produced on 3/20/2013 (and there is a sticker on the bag to indicate this). Not only has the bag never been opened, but there is an inner bag too, never been opened (This company packs tea rather well)

The tea in my possession: Organic Dragon Well

This is the highest grade of Long Jing this vendor carries. I bought three bags of long jing from this vendor and am currently enjoying the second one. Those two bags are lower grade long jing's than the one I want to swap.

Reason I want to swap is that while I enjoy long jing, I've had my fill and now desire some Japanese green tea.

The bag I want to swap retails for $33.90. I'd like to swap it for something like the Chiran from that retails for only $15.68, so you'd be getting the much better deal. I'd also swap it for some asamushi if that's what you have. I'd be open to swapping it for any Japanese green tea you have.

If anyone's interested and has some new crop Japanese green tea they'd like to trade, please let me know and we'll get this show on the road.

P.S. - If you have some 2012 crop from Ippodo that was recently mailed to you, I'd be open to that too.

P.P.S - Alternatively, I'd be happy to sell this tea for half its retail value ($16.95). And I've decided not to charge for shipping.


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Jun 1st, '13, 21:11
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Re: bambooforest Offer: Pre-Ming Organic Long Jing

by bambooforest » Jun 1st, '13, 21:11

This swap has been finalized with 5am. He's sending me Maiko Kinari.