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Jun 29th, '13, 12:14
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Xell OFFER: Kyusu from Arita, 160-170ml fully filled.

by Xell » Jun 29th, '13, 12:14

I got this kyusu in November 2012 directly from potter when was visiting his house. Local Arita clay, quite different from usual clay from Tokonome. Light and retains heat a bit better. 160-170ml is fully filled, but most comfortable amount for actual use i would say no more than 140-150ml. Wasn't used long and cleaned well, no stains, no stuck tea, looks like new :) Made only by hand without any molds, because of this all his teapots vary a bit in shape and size.
I want for this kyusu 8.000yen + shipping.
He has a webpage, can check usual price if buying from him and not re-sellers

And who actually made this kyusu

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Jun 29th, '13, 12:18
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Re: Xell OFFER: Kyusu from Arita, 160-170ml fully filled.

by Chip » Jun 29th, '13, 12:18

Very interesting Kyusu! I am sure ... someone... will give a good home and feed it only good tea! :mrgreen: