Jun 2nd, '14, 19:33
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Emmett-PRICE REDUCEPurion 30th anniversary Reminiscences pot

by Emmett » Jun 2nd, '14, 19:33

For sale is a Purion 30th anniversary teapot. has a built in ball filter and has a very nice feel and color to it. Of all the purion pots I think this one has the best design. I used it a few times for aged sheng and it brews well. Has a fast pour and does not get clogged. It is approx. 150ml. ($150 plus shipping.)
photo_1_c8a08add-25c1-4770-976e-c5084ee91345_1024x1024.JPG (105.62 KiB) Viewed 724 times
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Re: Emmett-Purion 30th anniversary Reminiscences pot

by Emmett » Jun 2nd, '14, 19:36

Here are some more pics with different lighting. Price is $150 plus shipping.
Comes in its own wooden box.
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