Tea Trade and Samples

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Sep 10th, '16, 15:09
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Tea Trade and Samples

by Commandaria » Sep 10th, '16, 15:09

Hello all,

I have a bunch of teas that I will not drink and that I have contemplated throwing out. But once i stumbled on this site i though I rather give away or trade for other teas than throw them out. Now you may wonder why do I have so many teas I do like? I don't buy tea. I source it two ways: My mother or family member goes back to taiwan and they bring me back a few bags (rarely does my opinion matter much); second, my grandpa (who only drinks jasmine from a specific source) who is old and get plenty of tea as gifts funnels me oolongs as he does not drink it. So it is a hit or miss.
Some I may have more information than others and I will try to describe the taste (of the first brew or this post will take me a few days to complete) and such but here it goes.
Also, I drink exclusively the more floral forms and light green to green liquid gaoshan tea from taiwan so my taste my be skewed.
And please correct me if I am wrong as I am a noob when it comes to more accurate understanding of both oolong and the associated terminology.
1. Is a machine-cut semi-rolled Oolong. Liquid is golden brown. leaves appear to be more roasted and oxidized.
Has a sweetish and pleasant taste
2. This one is machine-cut semi-rolled oolong. There is also some stems. Liquid is golden brown. leaves appear to be more roasted and oxidized
3. Looks like it is machine-cut strip style (CORRECTION it is actually shu pu erh (loose) Thanks jayinhk). It has a strong unami smell. I hope it hasnt gone bad. liquid is a redish brown. Taste quite pleasant with an unami taste (side note i just had pizza) and slightly sweet.
4. I do not have alot but I have a white jasmine. Scented with flowers. Just added water and I get a noseful of jasmine scent. Leaves still have hairs on. Liquid is so pale it looks still like water but it taste like tea.
5. Next is a machine-cut stripe style oolong. Leaves are not uniform colour. Sweet taste.
6. Last one is also stripe style. I have original packaging. Recently opened.

Photos for the Next three will be in a next post.

So I am happy to give out samples. Enough for a few brews. i do not have a scale but I have my spoon so I will be using that to judge.
Also, if anyone wants to trade, I only drink Taiwanese oolongs that are floral and light green.
Further, I will send them by post. The receiver pays for post, it should be only a few bucks.
:) happy Teaing
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Sep 10th, '16, 15:10
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Re: Tea Trade and Samples

by Commandaria » Sep 10th, '16, 15:10

Here are the next set of photos
Number 6
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Number 5
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Number 4
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