Kyarazen - For Sale - Pots

Tea or pot doesn't float your boat? Find it a new home here.

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Dec 1st 16 7:07 pm
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Kyarazen - For Sale - Pots

by kyarazen » Dec 1st 16 7:07 pm

as usual.. the shelves are full again.. clearing some lesser used tea wares to make more space! ... G_2171.jpg
Yamada Sou 170ml approx.
excellent pour and non drip!
price : sold!
shipping : $15 usd.

comes with original wooden box that is signed. seldom used because i have a few pieces of his dads works. ... G_2176.jpg ... G_2177.jpg
F1 Green label era ('78 to 82) nei zi wai hong shuiping pot. approx 80ml.
purple clay on the inside, outside coated with red clay!
new unused
price : sold!!
shipping : $15 ... G_2178.jpg
F5 Red Clay Flat pot with very fast pour, great performer for Yancha and other non-rolled teas
new, unused, approx 70ml+
price : sold!
shipping : $10 ... G_2572.jpg
F2 red clay shiping pot, new. volume approx 120ml+
price : sold
shipping : $10

maekawa junzo, shudei gaiwan approx volume 110ml up to lid.
price : $90
shipping : $15 ... G_2575.jpg
Factory 1 early 1970s Qie Zi Ni shuiping pot
a special purple clay available briefly in the 60-70s. volume approx 60ml+
this is the exact same material that is used to make the 18 hole pigeon beaks. pls refer to picture below for comparison ... G_2576.jpg
Price : sold!!
shipping : $10
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Dec 1st 16 7:59 pm
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Re: Kyarazen - For Sale - Pots

by jayinhk » Dec 1st 16 7:59 pm

Nice pots! :) I like the qie zi ni. I really want a pigeon beak some day!

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Dec 1st 16 11:01 pm
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Re: Kyarazen - For Sale - Pots

by pedant » Dec 1st 16 11:01 pm

yeah, nice wares

Dec 1st 16 11:20 pm
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Re: Kyarazen - For Sale - Pots

by AdmiralKelvinator » Dec 1st 16 11:20 pm

Very interesting - PM sent! :)