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2000 Xia Guan Toucha, 2003 SFTM Ban Zhang & Yiwu Teacake Offerings

by PuerhCollector » Nov 29th, '17, 08:04

Happy Holidays

This offer is for those seeking semi-age puerh teas and a bit of history. The following 3 items listed below are from a bygone era. These teas represent the old classic big factory style and when puerh tea had a heavier and more potent character. These semi-age teas range from being 14 to 17 years old have been naturally (dry) stored throughout.The character of both single origin teas from the Six Famous Tea Mountains is true to their respective regional profile that is representative of Ban Zhang and Yiwu. This is a great opportunity to experience tea from these 2 famous regions with the added bonus of exploring their age characteristics at an affordable price.

Please PM/Email me for inquiries at varatphong(at)yahoo(dot)com

1) 2000 Xia Guan Tuocha Jia Ji/Grade A - US$38.50 per piece x 100g
The 2000 XG toucha has largely disappeared from the tea market nowadays so let us share. Please limit yourself to a maximum order of 1 pack (5 x 100g) per person.

2) 2003 Six Famous Tea Mountains* BAN ZHANG - US$285 per teacake approx. 330g
The SFTM company was established in 2002 by Ruan Dian Rong who was Menghai Tea Factory's former factory manager. SFTM differentiated itself from Menghai TF during the early years by placing an emphasis on regional specific puerh tea. The company made a promising start and produced solid teas during the early years from 2002 to 2003 but thereafter struggled to maintain quality as the raw materials sharply increased in price and became more difficult to source. This period came during the rising popularity of puerh tea under the first wave of the boom years. These teas are early classics by the SFTM company. The 2003 Ban Zhang is part of a 2000kg limited production.

3) 2003 Six Famous Tea Mountains* YIWU - US$220 per teacake approx. 330g
The 2003 Yiwu is part of a 5000kg limited production.

4) Sample Pack for 2 SFTM - US$32
40g of tea from Ban Zhang and Yiwu (20g x 2 teas)

* Both Six Famous Tea Mountains are labeled as “Wild” but personally I believe the majority of the composition is plantation material. That said drinking both teas reveals sign of good material in the blend and that is justification that some portion of gushu/wild tea material was added to lift the overall composition.
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Re: 2000 Xia Guan Toucha, 2003 SFTM Ban Zhang & Yiwu Teacake Offerings

by PuerhCollector » Jan 6th, '18, 11:43


* The 2003 SFTM Ban Zhang is SOLD

I have added 2 quality semi-age gushus, the raw material comes from older big trees. From 2005 and produced by the Gan En Factory the famous Ban Zhang teacake and Nannuo, a hidden gem is listed below. These teacakes are old style gushu productions that I would personally recommend. There is a unique charm to these teas and if you have not tried a worthy gushu from this time period (before the exploitation and profiteering really took hold) it is worth exploring.

See full descriptions here ... -sale.html

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