Anyone interested?

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Mar 20th 20 5:30 pm
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Anyone interested?

by Bridgette » Mar 20th 20 5:30 pm

Hello all,

Anyone interested in starting up a tea swap?

Leave thoughts below :)
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Mar 20th 20 5:39 pm
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Re: Anyone interested?

by LordWyrm » Mar 20th 20 5:39 pm

I had an idea, taking a box, initially filling it with an array of teas, and maybe even teaware, but have at least a minimum weight for everyone to enjoy, essentially replacing what you consume, and as far as the teaware, a cup exchange as well... Then 1 week or so later sending it to the next person. Logistics may include; international or domestic only? Price for shipping, price of teas shared, materials. Those are my condensed thoughts...

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Apr 2nd 20 5:26 am
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Re: Anyone interested?

by Mare of Earth » Apr 2nd 20 5:26 am

There is a group that does the box idea on Ravelry - they call it the Travelling Tea Box.
A great way for people to pass on teas they may not have liked, or that they love so much they want to share.
As I recall, there was 1 person coordinating, and they used a USPS medium flat rate box, so it cost the same for each person to ship it. The coordinator would send the next address to the current box holder, and there was a set time period within which to make your selections and additions, then ship to the next person. Periodically, the coordinator would have the box shipped to them to reorganize and check contents - people inevitably included non-tea items, and it would get excessive sometimes.

Apr 2nd 20 7:03 pm
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Re: Anyone interested?

by NoChillGriffin » Apr 2nd 20 7:03 pm

I'm new to TeaChat, but I am interested in any sort of swap!