OFFER: few shengs, 10-20 y.o.

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Dec 29th 20 2:15 pm
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OFFER: few shengs, 10-20 y.o.

by Tofsla » Dec 29th 20 2:15 pm

Hello, I need to free up some space in my tea storage. So, I am selling a few cakes, some untouched, others are missing up to 10%. All teas were stored in a sealed cupboard, with controlled humidity. Since dealing with 10 separate shippings would be quite difficult for me, for the cheaper teas from the list, I'll prefer requests for at least 3-4 items. Shipping from Israel.

1. "1995" Cheshunhao - 8 years ago it was reviewed by MarshalN, and got a few reviews on teachat. - 357/357г, $50; 340/357г, $40.
2. 2001 Naked Yiwu - bought about 1 year ago on - 340/357г, $120
3. 2006 Changtai "65" - 315/400г, $20
4. 2006 Liming "Tuo Wang" - got a positive review from HalfDipper - 240/250г, $30
5. 2008 Fangmingyuan Nannuo - got positive reviews from HalfDipper, and more recently from mattchasblog - 340/357г, $50
6. 2011 Yunnan Sourcing "Wuliang Shan" - 320/357г, $20
7. 2011 Heng Bang "Lao Shu Chun Jian" - bought on taobao following an advise from a long time collector - 357/357г, $20; 300/357г, $10
8. 2012 Yipintang "Nannuo Chawang" - according to producer, made from old tree material growing in Banpolaozhai in a garden that belongs to the company. It's one of their premium teas. Bought directly from the producer. - 400/400г, $100[/list]
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