Trends and Tips on developing and operating a tea business.

Sep 22nd, '09, 14:39
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by hospitaliTEA » Sep 22nd, '09, 14:39

Hi All,

Recently I was introduced to the world of tea. On my 30th birthday I was taken to a moroccan style cafe/bar. They had a virety of tea of which I tried, for the 1st time, moroccon mint. The taste and the atmosphere were a new and wondeful sensation, one I can not forget and wish to share.

I plan/hope to open a teabar of my own. I am going for a middle eastern theme. As well as the tea i will be serving a small variety eastern style snacks. However as I am new to the tea business I am unsure which selection of teas to sell and also just what quantities I should be buying.

Any help in these two matters or any general advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time, havea great day.

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Oct 1st, '09, 15:50
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Re: Help..

by teaisme » Oct 1st, '09, 15:50

Its always good to build up your own personal knowledge before going into a tea business. Maybe its time to gather as much info as you can about tea (especially black tea in your case, and coffee too )and start absorbing it. Then start trying as many teas as you can. This will make many of the decisions that you make in the future much easier and wiser. Always good to know the trade before you jump into the trade. I despise a vendor who does not know anything about what he/she is selling. Very unprofessional.

As for selection and quantity, it's hard to make any recommendations without knowing your location, traffic you expect, and ethnicity of the population around you. Sounds like some market research and a general business plan would be a good start.

Is there a large middle eastern pop around you ? Drag them off the street and ask them questions. Go to the mosque and harass them while they pray (no really dont). But if you wait outside till they get out then that's a good time for a quick 5-10 question survey. I'm sure you could get plenty of design ideas, important snippets of tea culture and culture in general.

Just don't open in a rush, I've seen a couple places go out of business after half a year because of poor planning and market research. Remember, everyone thinks their business will do good before it actually starts up. Once it starts up its a different story for many.

Oct 30th, '09, 20:55
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Re: Help..

by judyw » Oct 30th, '09, 20:55

If you will need a loan to secure space you will need a good business plan and have to prove to the bank about your knowledge behind the business. It is much harder to get loans than it used to be. Good Luck.

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