Nov 30th, '10, 11:18
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The offical announcement of the launch of our Muña mint farm

by adamnash » Nov 30th, '10, 11:18

Minthostahys Spicata is an amazingly unique mint that grows wild throughout the Andes of South America. If you were in a restaurant in Argentina you could order some Peperina and have your mind blown. Or say you were on an island of Lake Titicaca and invited into a home you would surely be greeted with a cup of Muña at the door and you would probably ask to move in by the time you finished the cup. The later is what happened to me and I set out on a life quest to bring to the states an opportunity to experience this tea at anytime. Seeds were the key to making this happen of course, and it took years to find someone to go into the wild at a certain time of year and harvest these little sand grain sized nuggets of joy for me. After much trial and error I have recreated hydroponically, in my home, an Andeanesque environment were these bushes, cuttings and clones are thriving.

The coolest part about this tea is its digestive and respiratory healing properties. Cold, flu, cough etc....fixed! Stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea...gone!

When my wife has a bellyache, one cup of this fixes it. We never leave home without a serving and everyone who has ever tried it said it works.

The only people selling this stuff, which is only online, sell it mixed with other medical herbs in tea bag forms.

We want to offer it as a stand alone product and reduce the amount of wild harvesting taking place in South America.

I am new to the forum, and the industry, so I come hear looking for advise.

What next? FDA hurdles? Online store? Offer through a specialty web store like

What about packaging? Bags or loose or both? What kind of bags; I noticed there are 50 different types. Teavana.....I left a message with corporate; we'll see if they call back.

What would you do?

Thanks for any input.

And please report any experiences with this tea.

-Adam Nash
Atlanta, GA