Dec 28th, '11, 19:05
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Tea lover and husband seek to open tea bar -- Suggestions?

by Noelle » Dec 28th, '11, 19:05

Hello All,

Although I am not at all new to tea, I am new to this forum. I've been reading through a number of the posts and find them wonderfully friendly and informative!

Well, as my subject line indicates, I love tea. I have also been studying about tea and working on becoming a tea professional through the American Tea Masters Association, and even have several chapters of a book on tea written. However, over the last few months, I have been energized to open up a tea bar here in Texas. My business experience is limited to my early working years in retail. It is this lack of experience that frightens me and keeps me from taking that first big step into business.

I am hopeful that some of you may be able to offer suggestions on getting started, who to talk to, what steps to take first, etc.

Looking forward to chatting,

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Jan 3rd, '12, 14:49
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Re: Tea lover and husband seek to open tea bar -- Suggestions?

by teaisme » Jan 3rd, '12, 14:49

honestly I would save the $2600 and spend it on good teas and tea wares to further your education on tea. Maybe a couple of books.

There's really nothing in that curriculum that you can't learn online/somewhere else. This kind of thing seems very overgeneralized, and I am betting most of the samples you will be drinking are on the low end once you start comparing to international vendors. Really you are getting a fancy title and that's it.

From a business point of view that may be worth it depending on the savvyness of your customers and how much you want to market your new title. But don't hold that title too high in your head, because one day you will find a customer in your tea bar who will make you feel silly :mrgreen:

This forum is full of information and great links to learning more. If you want a general idea about the endless possibilities that abound with tea....teachat is a good place to start. :wink:

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Jan 3rd, '12, 15:04
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Re: Tea lover and husband seek to open tea bar -- Suggestions?

by JRS22 » Jan 3rd, '12, 15:04

Are you familiar with Seven Cups Teas? They import Chinese teas to sell online as well as in their tea shops. In one of their newsletters they mentioned that they're also distributing their teas to other tea shops. If you're not planning to travel the world to obtain inventory these people may be a good source - top quality tea that's already been through customs.

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