A new way to make tea?

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Sep 15th, '14, 22:42
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A new way to make tea?

by mirth » Sep 15th, '14, 22:42

After how many centuries, a new way to make tea?
Please, check out the t'latte project on indiegogo at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-t-latte-project
I look forward to your feedback.

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Sep 16th, '14, 08:08
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Re: A new way to make tea?

by Poseidon » Sep 16th, '14, 08:08

Good luck with the venture... I think most of us here take our tea straight up and not with milk or t'latte style.

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Sep 16th, '14, 13:11
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Re: A new way to make tea?

by Chip » Sep 16th, '14, 13:11

Although I left a " shadow topic" under Announcements for a brief period, this topic has been moved to TeaBusiness Planning and Running. Look for it there.

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